Newcomers looking to join Wenatchee School Board in 2023 General Election

The Wenatchee School Board will be filled with new board members after the 2023 general election, following a new voting system and the dropout of current board members.

Candidates were required to submit election materials to the Chelan County Clerk between May 15 and 19.

In June 2022, the Board resolved to replace the mass voting system with four separate constituencies and one mass position representing different geographic regions.

This change was made to avoid legal conflicts with Washington State’s Voting Rights Act of 2018, which was made to ensure adequate representation of historically disenfranchised demographics.

this new Precinct planning All five seats are up for re-election this year, and one director could be ousted if he loses a local election and a major office.

All three current Board members, Chairman Maria Iniguez, Laura Jakes, and Catherine Thomas, all reside in District 2.

Laura Jex, longtime board member announced Although she announced that she would not be re-elected this year, Thomas chose not to seek re-election.

Despite these developments, Iniges still faces competition in the race, with newcomer Randy Smith running.

Four newcomers are eyeing the District 4 seat: Joe Cortez, Quintin Martin, Miranda Skariski and Kendra Martin.

Director Martin Barron, who lives in District 3, is a strong candidate in the race against Tricia Creek and John Rakas.

That leaves the position in District 3 uncontested, with new candidate Tucker Jackson running for the seat.

Board member Julie Norton also remains unopposed in District 1.

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