New York State Agriculture Commissioner Announces Renewal of Kosher and Halal Food Register

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball announced today that the department has updated its online kosher and halal food registry. This will allow organizations that certify food as kosher or halal to register with the ministry as required. The registry also allows consumers to search for kosher or halal foods in New York State.

Chief Ball said: “New York is fortunate to be home to some of the best food manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of foods that reflect the diversity of this great state. All New Yorkers can be confident that the kosher and halal foods they buy in the state comply with kosher and halal registration laws.”

Food businesses that manufacture, produce, sell, or distribute food labeled as halal or kosher must register with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. In addition, any person or organization providing certification services such as halal or kosher food must be registered with the ministry.

During its regular food safety inspections, the department ensures that establishments that certify Halal and Kosher foods are registered in compliance with the New York State Kosher Protection Act of 2004 and the New York State Halal Food Protection Act of 2005. there is

Orthodox Coalition Kosher CEO Ravi Menachem Genak said: “Secretary Ball, thank you for this commitment to maintaining the credibility of certified food. OU’s kosher certification is the most trusted in the United States. The updated registry should serve as a database for consumers to research who is behind food symbols, which is certainly in line with our mission.”

Imam Borhan Uddin, director of the Shariah Commission of the Northeast Branch of New York, said: “This is a really great initiative. We applaud Secretary Ball and the entire team at the Department for this effort. HMS is one of the few halal certification bodies registered in the state of New York. We are working closely with the state to eradicate fraud and deception in the market and to certify companies with good halal meat standards.This registration will be very helpful for good halal efforts.All halal We invite you to register with our provider today, it’s quick and easy, and we’ll take care of any difficulties.”

Online registries and registration forms are available at: and Questions regarding this registration requirement may be directed to: [email protected] again [email protected].

The updated Kosher and Halal Food Register builds on New York State’s leadership in its commitment to food safety. The Department of Agriculture and Markets is at the forefront of New York’s food safety efforts with a network of food safety inspectors who inspect New York’s food retailers and food manufacturing plants. The Institute is committed to protecting and improving the health of New Yorkers through institute analysis, research, and research.

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