New Yankee Stadium ballpark dining for 2023

NEW YORK — The Yankees announced the highlights of their 2023 Yankee Stadium concession on Wednesday.

What’s coming to the ballpark this season? The Yankees menu features all-new Yankee Stadium-exclusive menus, including the Aaron Judge-themed 99 Burger, Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelson, Eric Greenspan, and Christian from the Bronx. You’ll find everything from celebrity chef signatures like petroni.

Among the Yankees’ new food partners for 2023 are Petroni and his cheesy garlic bread, along with New York staples Fuku and Mac Truck.

“I’m a first-generation Italian who grew up 15 minutes from the stadium,” said Petroni. “It’s just part of our DNA to come to Yankees games. Being here now… when the Yankees called me and they said, ‘Man, I need bread,’ but now I can’t believe it, I’m really proud. “

New York favorites returning to the stadium this season include Samuelsson’s Streetbird, Flay’s Bobby’s Burgers, along with Lobel’s, Mighty Quinn’s, Chickie’s & Pete’s, City Winery, The Halal Guys, Sumo Dog, Benihana, Oatly and Wings. of New, etc. yoke.

“I came to New York when the Yankees were winning all the incredible World Series, so you want to be part of the fabric of the city,” Samuelson said. . “Look at the diversity of food here. It reflects New York City. It reflects the Bronx.”

Highlights of the 2023 Yankee Stadium menu include:

Every fan can get their hands on all of these items at Yankees games this season. Follow Yankee Stadium’s Food Instagram account at @yankeestadyum.

New to Yankee Stadium in 2023

Chef Christian Petroni (Sections 125 and 310)

Cheesy Garlic Bread is the creation of Food Network star Petroni, who grew up a Yankees fan in the Bronx.

“My garlic bread, Bastone, is semolina bastone. It’s very local to the borough. It’s very New York,” Petroni said. “I’ve been buying it from the same bakery since I was 17.” “The bread itself is very nice. It’s unique. And we really want it. Are you making garlic bread? I’m going to make garlic butter. It’s going to knock your socks off.”

Only at Yankee Stadium

Like Judge, 99 Burger is the star of the show. Two 4-ounce American Wagyu patties, Greenspan’s New School American His cheese, caramelized onions, dill pickles, and secret sauce on Brioche His buns.

The Yankees only sell 99 of these burgers each game.

Bronx Burrito / Veggie Bronx Burrito (Section 311)

A beef barbacoa burrito with rice and beans, cheddar cheese, salsa verde and chipotle mayonnaise in a flour tortilla, served with your choice of Melinda’s Hot Sauce packet.

A vegetarian version of the Bronx burrito, made with fried sweet plantains, is also available.

Pork and Broccoli Rabe Cheesesteak / Chopped Crispy Chicken and Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Cheesesteak (Section 107)

Choose cheesesteak for your Bronx baked hero – pork shoulder, marinated broccoli rabe with sharp provolone, or chopped crispy chicken, pickled jalapenos, smoked bacon, American cheese and buttermilk lunch Please choose.

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Street Bird (Section 112) — Harlem-based chef Samuelson has three fried chicken options.

“Some of my favorite memories of spring and summer are coming here with my son. Not just enjoying the game, but taking in the whole experience. So my street birdfried at Yankee Stadium “It’s absolutely amazing to see the chicken,” Samuelson said. It’s the city.”

Bobby’s Hamburger (Section 132) — The Frey’s Burger Joint at Yankee Stadium has four signature burgers, including one new menu item for 2023, and a veggie burger option.

City Winery (Section 105) — The Burrata Burger and Rotisserie Chicken will be on the menu at Yankees games this season, along with the new City Winery Burger.

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