New treatment may repair heart’s ‘forgotten valve’

March 6, 2023 — A new procedure could help with leaky tricuspid valves in the heart, says published research of New England Journal of Medicine.

The tricuspid valve allows deoxygenated blood to flow between the right and left ventricles. Leaky valves allow blood to flow backwards and accumulate in different parts of the body, causing symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing, and swollen limbs.

In a new procedure called transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER), doctors applied clips to the tricuspid valve.

“Tricuspid TEER was safe for patients with severe tricuspid regurgitation, reduced tricuspid regurgitation severity, and was associated with improved quality of life,” the study concluded. .

According to the National Library of Medicine, the tricuspid valve is sometimes referred to as the “forgotten valve” because it has been poorly studied compared to other parts of the heart.About 1.6 million Americans have the following problems tricuspid regurgitation.

Currently, the only treatment is loop diuretics, drugs that temporarily drain excess water from the patient’s body. new york times It was reported in the story about the clip. Over time, fluid retention worsens until the kidneys fail. Open-heart surgery is usually not an option because people with tricuspid leak often have many comorbidities and other factors.

The study was conducted by the medical device company Abbott and involved 350 patients with an average age of 78 years. After one month, 87% of his participants who used the clip reported that their tricuspid regurgitation was less severe than his 4.8% in the group who used the loop diuretic. he said Abbott. news release.

“I felt better immediately,” said clip recipient Adelaide Effertz, 86, of Pine City, Minnesota. Times“It’s just amazing.” Effertz said he no longer felt so severely tired that he needed to take a few naps each afternoon.

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