New food truck focused on all-day breakfast

May 24, 2023

A new food truck specializing in all-day breakfast will open at its permanent location on Kiwanis Avenue this week.

Lacy Hagenstad bought the trailer from her brother-in-law, Alex Coltze, who ran Chislickers last year. She worked with him at the Falls Park Farmers Market near the end of the season.

Hagenstad has renamed the trailer “The Night Owl” and will be based at Food and Fuel on 9th Avenue and Kiwanis Avenue across from Thunder Road. The operation from there is the return of the trailer. Before Chislickers was born, Taqueria Juanita was housed in a gas station parking lot for several years.

Night Owl’s city tour is Friday morning, with Hagenstadt scheduled to open on that day.

“I grew up in cafés, so I’m going to make a lot of comfort food,” she said of the menu she makes from scratch. “I put my own interpretation on things.”

Her version of the breakfast sandwich is fried bread with bacon, eggs, jam, and “you can add syrup if you like.” Hagenstadt puts a twist on nachos with tater tots, a breakfast-inspired topping. She makes biscuits and gravy, and breakfast burritos and quesadillas.

Lunch options include sliders, grilled cheese and pan-fried BLTs, and taco salad.

Her cooking style is inspired by her tradition. She is a member of three related tribes and also has Norwegian ancestry. She grew up eating German food.

German specialties such as freischkekl (small meat pies) and knoefra soup made from potato dumplings will also be featured.

Hagenstad said it will open at 10am Tuesday-Sunday, 10pm Tuesday-Thursday, 11pm Friday and Saturday, and 3:30pm Sunday. She said her sister, husband and three of her five children would help.

Find the latest on The Night Owl’s Facebook page.

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