New diabetes treatments surge

Fighting both types of diabetes is a challenge that can be lifelong for some. That’s why Oramed Pharmaceuticals announced the news of a healthcare stock shortage (NASDAQ: ORMP) was a very welcome development in trading on Monday. Any increase in Oramed stock over 10% of his is well welcome.

The good news for Oramed did not come from Oramed itself, but from its strategic partner Hefei Tianhui Biotechnology. The company has completed a Phase 3 trial of a drug known as ORA-D-013-1. Treatment of type 2 diabetes. Once the trial is complete, it will then be sent to China’s National Administration of Medical Products, where the data generated from the study will be used as part of marketing applications to enable the drug to be marketed.

The ORA-D-013-1 study revealed that oral insulin works very well in certain populations. One issue that could possibly come up is that everyone who participated in the study had a similar baseline body mass index (BMI), meaning they were about the same height and weight. Or, at least, the height-to-weight ratios were similar. But the news came at just the right time for at least one person. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro recently invested $4.8 million in Oramed, not long after it revealed it was considering strategic alternatives.

It’s a good time for insiders too. Oramed’s insider trading has been very buy-heavy over the last three months, with insiders picking up an additional $213,300 in stock. The move turned insider sentiment to “positive” overall.


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