New Dayton facility hopes to change addiction treatment

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new drug addiction recovery facility in Dayton is changing the way addiction treatment is delivered by housing all the resources people need under one roof .

Staff at the DeCoach Rehabilitation Center say they have never seen anything like this done elsewhere in the Dayton area.

Aaron Laine, Chief Marketing Officer for DeCoach Recovery Center said:

Laine is in long term recovery after struggling with substance abuse for over a decade. He said he wished the DeCoach Ohio Recovery Campus was there when he went through recovery from addiction.

“In my view, having something like this is a catalyst for change in our community and helps reverse the realm of the opioid crisis.

After a two-year renovation of a former Salvation Army building on South Paterson Boulevard in Dayton, the DeCoach Rehabilitation Center is ready to transform the lives of people recovering from addiction.

Caleb Barrows, DeCoach Recovery Center Chief Operating Officer, said: “A lot of times they’re spread out. The resources aren’t all in one place, but this facility makes it possible.”

The Ohio Recovery Campus offers rooms for drug detoxification, outpatient services, drug therapy, and more.

“We can have people stay with us for up to seven months, which is really a long time to get back on their feet, work on their recovery, and reintegrate into society,” Raine said.

Hundreds of community partners gathered for an open house on Thursday afternoon to tour the new facilities and see how they fit into the services they offer.

Anita Kitchen, executive director of Families of Addicts, said:

“Dayton and Montgomery County have been together since the end of the pandemic began,” said Amy Dunkin, director of the FOA Dayton chapter and DeCoach’s hospital liaison. are working so well together that introducing another resource will only benefit our community.”

The Dayton Ohio Recover Center will open on May 1st. Those in need of recovery services can now visit his DeCoach Rehabilitation Centers at his six other locations, including Fairborn and Xenia.

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