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Kinston Police Department posted the following on its Facebook page:

Section 7.45 Food Trucks.

If the city council approves temporary road closures, food trucks can remain parked on public roads to make sales.

Food trucks may operate on private property for up to 20 days, 3 weekend events, or both each calendar year when utilizing the Temporary Events Permit.

Food trucks must be located at least 100 feet from the front entrance of restaurants and outdoor dining areas and at least 50 feet from any permitted mobile food vending cart locations. In addition, food trucks must be parked at least 15 feet from fire hydrants and 5 feet from driveways, sidewalks, utility boxes or safes, handicapped ramps, building doorways, or emergency call boxes.

Food trucks may not occupy the parking spaces required for their primary use while their primary use is open to the public.

Food trucks may operate from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., unless they are located within 40 feet of a single-family or single-family property.when found

Hours of operation are 7 AM to 10 PM if you are within 150 feet of this residence.

Food trucks may not use audio amplifiers or free-standing signs.

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