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The 30-member team will conduct the Role 2 Enhanced (2E) Ground Capability at Erbil Air Force Base in Iraq, protecting lives, limbs and sights for the U.S. military, Pentagon private contractors and coalition forces. provided care. . They also provided significant support to the Role I and Role II facilities of the Eastern Security Area of ​​Syria (ESSA).

Deputy Commander of the Naval Medical Forces Atlantic (NMFL), Capt. Shelley K. Perkins, praised the team for a job well done.

“Welcome back! You guys should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished through this rollout,” said Perkins. “Throughout this process, you have strengthened the expeditionary mission of Naval Medicine and have been a sustaining medical force capable of supporting the Joint Force and the Navy.”

NEMU 10G-13 deployment highlights include 1000 patient encounters, 12 surgeries, 80 medical and strategic evacuations, 50 patient transfers to host country hospitals, and 26 mass casualties training, and support of 250 simulated patients. This unit provided EAB medics, sergeants, nurses and doctors with his 224-hour continuing medical education.

“Teamwork was the cornerstone of this deployment,” said NEMU 10G Commander Col. Jerrol B. Wallace. “Overcoming probably the toughest time of the year, we brought them together. We missed 90% of our major holidays, but it made us a family. This team created a bond that will last for years to come.”

Throughout the deployment, NEMU 10G-13 tracked all COVID-19 cases and administered 2,000 influenza vaccines and 50 COVID vaccines. To fill the critical shortage of blood products available in the country, the team ensured that enough screened donors were available within the EAB for the Walking Blood Bank, resulting in the availability of 200 military personnel on a case-by-case basis. Ready to donate blood.

“What you have achieved in the last seven months is to provide sustained naval medical care around the world and to be ready to provide assistance upon request,” said Capt. Kenneth R. Basford, EMF-J executive officer. It’s a matter of arranging the “The situations you encounter are used to improve processes in this ever-changing world.”

The team will utilize medical affiliations with host country and allied forces, such as the EAB German Surgical Team, the Dutch Dental Team, and the Italian Role I Medical to assist combatants by providing life-saving medical interventions, diagnostic tests, and radiotherapy. Expanded care capabilities. Services and cost savings for medical evacuation.

EMU 10 Rotation 14 dismissed Rotation 13 on 20 April and continued forward-deployed medical readiness missions in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

Six months before deployment, NMFL will begin the pre-mission workup and certification phase. During this period, NMFL screened and selected personnel for critical manning, ensured health checks and pipeline training for specific billets, and completed the equipping of the unit with protective equipment. Upon completion of the manning phase, the unit was sent to Fort Bliss, Texas to complete a 14-day combat skills course.

“This course was critical in creating unit cohesion, weapons familiarity, and expectations for a hostile environment for deployment,” said Mary B. Sigler First Class Hospital said.

In addition, NMFL will provide logistical and administrative support to the deployed units throughout the deployment. Information provided throughout the installation ensures personnel are trained and qualified on locally available equipment.

Operation Inherent Resolve seeks to mobilize the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) by, jointly with, and through regional partners to enable coalition-wide action to enhance regional stability. It continues to work to overthrow it militarily.

Headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, NMFL is operationally focused, meeting the requirements of the Fleet, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces by providing the equipment, maintenance, and maintenance of medical units during combat operations and public health crises. We provide medical expertise and competence. NMFL oversees 21 her NMRTC, logistics, public health and dental services throughout the US East Coast, US Gulf Coast, Cuba, Hawaii, Europe and the Middle East.

Represented by more than 44,000 highly trained military and civilian medical professionals, the Naval Medical Branch provides permanent expeditionary medical support to combatants on, under, above and on land. .

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