NATO SHAPE Presents Serge Lazarev Award to Brigadier General Shane Reeves

On May 5, the Legal Department of the NATO Supreme Command of Allied Forces in Europe (SHAPE) awarded Brigadier General Shane Reeves with the Serge Lazarev Award. General Reeves is the 15th Dean of the Academic Board of the United States Military Academy and former Chief of the Law Department.

The award cites General Reeves’ primary role as a facilitator of urgent and complex legal issues in support of the Allied Commander in Charge of Legal Affairs SHAPE and his director. It refers to General Reeves’ leadership as Dean of the Academic Board, which offers a unique approach to the emerging threats and challenges facing the world. We are very appreciative of General Reeves’ leadership and his NATO SHAPE Legal Affairs Bureau’s recognition of General Reeves’ activities in support of NATO.

The Lazarev Prize commemorates the lifelong professional achievements of Mr. Serge Lazaref. After serving as General Dwight D. Eisenhower’s French interpreter and Counsel to the Center for Allied Forces, Mr. Lazarev served as NATO Counsel for many years. His work focused on securing the legal status of foreign armed forces and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. He then became general counsel for international operations and vice president for Asia Pacific at the French industrial group Pechiney. He has many professional achievements, including commanding the Legion of Honor.

I hope readers will congratulate General Reeves on this important distinction.

Photo credit: Mark Wellman

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