Mother of teenage boy shot dead by Baltimore police, Attorney General demands answer in refusal to investigate

Baltimore — Residents of the southwestern Baltimore community where police shot and killed a 17-year-old boy on Thursday have called for the release of footage from body-worn cameras worn by officers.

The boy is still recovering.

Police said the man was carrying a weapon but had disobeyed an officer’s order to drop it when he was shot.

The Maryland Attorney General’s office told WJZ on Friday that it was not investigating the shooting “at this time.”

The mother of 17-year-old Mekhi Franklin told WJZ that police shot her son twice. Video footage shows him bleeding in an alleyway near Frederick Avenue and South Katherine Street in the Shipley Hill community.

Kielia Franklin said she wanted answers.

“One bullet almost hit his spleen and the other went through his bladder,” she said.

Police said her son fled after being confronted by specialized police officers.

The boy was carrying a weapon with an extended magazine, but refused to drop it.

Police did not provide details of the weapon or any new information during Friday’s investigation.

Asked why police approached the teenage boy at the scene of the incident on Thursday, BPD deputy director Richard Worley said: “I can’t say what the officers saw, but when I called them they said ‘armed people. He was said to be a person with the characteristics of first place.

Wally did not elaborate.

He said the boy was shot in the “upper body” but gave no further details.

A witness who spoke with WJZ agent Mike Hellgren, who declined to be named for security reasons, said officers were harassing the teenage boy. He said he believed the footage from the cameras worn by the police told the story.

“The officer took the gun out of his holster, knelt down and fired four or five shots,” said a witness.

He said body camera images “will be very important.”

“I want to see it as soon as possible. I hope that the public, the community, everyone has the right to see the original tape,” he said.

The witness said he was outraged by the Maryland Attorney General’s failure to investigate what happened. The office investigates all fatalities and some serious non-fatal police shootings.

“It’s heartbreaking, just sad,” he said. It’s like a lose-lose situation.

Kielia Franklin said she was grateful her son survived the attack.

“Thank God he’s not dead. Pray to God if you can, this is why he’s not paralyzed,” she said.

She also said WJZ police were harassing her son.

“I’ve had similar incidents with the same police officers before,” Mr. Franklin said.

Mayor Brandon Scott promised a thorough investigation.

“In proceeding with this investigation, we will ensure that all protocols are followed and that the investigation is completed in the best possible manner,” the mayor said.

It’s the first time a police officer has shot a person in Baltimore this year, and the number of violent incidents has dropped significantly.

The commissioner credits the cuts to reforms within the department, but many in the community say they still have trouble trusting the police.

An eyewitness to Thursday’s shooting said, “This is a serious issue, so no one is even willing to deal with them in any way, even if it’s just the good stuff.”

Police have not identified the officer who shot the boy. The police union tweeted that no union members were injured in the incident.

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