More dining options added to Cleveland Asian Festival

Cleveland, Ohio – The Cleveland Asian Festival kicks off its festival season this weekend, May 20-21. Held at the corner of East 27th Street and Paine Avenue in Cleveland’s Asiatown neighborhood, it runs from 11am to 7pm on both days. Organized by volunteer community leaders in 2010 and growing, the festival welcomes everyone to celebrate Cleveland’s Diversity and Asia Pacific American Heritage Month.

Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and other eateries attract many attendees. With 9 food stands and his 9 food trucks, a total of 18 food stalls, food adventures will almost double in 2022. Some of the choices are Banh Mi & Noodles, Bubble Time Mobile Kitchen, Himalayan Restaurant, Hunan Coventry and Ice or Rice Cafe. more.

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Dance and music performances are also scheduled during the period.

“We want to achieve four different things,” says Johnny Wu, co-founder and producer of the festival. “We want to promote Asia Pacific American Heritage Month, promote Asiatown, get more people to shop and eat, drive economic growth, and bring Asian communities together. increase.”

Parking at Cleveland State University on East 24th Street and Payne Avenue is free. From there participants can walk or take the shuttle. Please refrain from bringing pets other than service animals.

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