Mitchell Republic Wins General Excellence Award, Sweepstakes at Annual SDNA Contest – Mitchell Republic

Devil’s Lake, North Dakota — In addition to winning the most circulation awards, The Mitchell Republic has the best print edition and best website of all South Dakota daily newspapers. It was rated as

The Mitchell Republic won 10 first place awards and 28 awards overall in the 2022 South Dakota Newspapers Association Best Paper Contest, announced Friday at a joint convention with the North Dakota Newspapers Association in Devils Lake, North Dakota. Awarded. This newspaper competes in the top division compared to all other dailies. All the works that were judged were compiled in 2022.

SDNA’s Overall Excellence Award, which recognizes the paper’s overall quality and commitment to journalism, was awarded to The Mitchell Republic among all South Dakota daily newspapers.

“Strong states, local opinion page content, sports, local columns, features, national content,” the judge wrote. “Well organized paper. Well advertised. The Mitchell Republic is a leading local newspaper.”

The Mitchell Republic also won a daily newspaper sweepstakes award. This award is given to the newspaper that ranks in the individual category and scores the most points.

“So many talented staff members won awards this weekend,” said Mitchell Republic editor Luke Hagen. “It is great to see our efforts recognized by our fellow judges of this contest. It reassures us that we are making the right decisions for the people we support.”

Here is the full list of awards:

  • Laura Fosness, #1, best digital campaign. 3rd Place, Best Series Advertising Idea. Second place, skillful use of color. 3rd place, making the most of local photography.
  • Tom Stevens, 3rd place and best 2 column ads. 1st Place, Best Series Advertising Idea. 3rd place, best single advertising idea. First, the use of color is excellent.
  • Luke Hagen, 1st Place, Best Picture. 2nd place, best local column.
  • Eric Kaufman#1, Best Feature Series.
  • hunter danteman, 3rd place, best lead. 1st place, best news series.
  • Matt Gade1st place, best portrait photography.
  • Mitchell Republic staff, 1st place, General Excellence.
  • Marcus Traxler#1, best sports column.
  • Adam Thule, 2nd Place, Best Portrait Photography. 2nd place, best sports photography, 1st place, best news photography.
  • Mitchell Republic Staff3rd place, best typography and design.
  • Jeremy Fugleberg2nd place, best feature series.
  • Zeck Lambert, Marcus Traxler2nd place, Best Sports Series.
  • Patrick Larry3rd place, Best Novel: Profile.
  • Jason Howard3rd place, best local government story.
  • Sam Fosness, Jason Howard, Marcus Traxler3rd place, best news series.
  • Sam Fosness3rd place, best sports report.
  • Mitchell Republic Staffnumber one, best website.
  • Mitchell Republic StaffSweepstakes.

Our newsroom occasionally reports articles under the byline “The Mitchell Republic”. Often times, the “Republic of Mitchell” byline is used when rewriting basic news summaries that derive from official sources, such as city press releases about road closures, and require little or no coverage. This byline may be used when a news story has many authors or is created by aggregating previously reported news from various sources. Where external sources are used, they are noted as such in the story.

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