Miners poll confirms what we know about healthcare

It is widely agreed that our healthcare system does not serve us well. Too many of us are uninsured or underinsured, forgoing the medical care we all deserve or putting ourselves at serious risk. Compared to our compatriots in other wealthy countries, we spend more, are less healthy and die sooner.

A recently released survey of Maine voters has allowed us to quantify our levels of frustration. This research was commissioned by Consumers for Afforable Health Care and conducted by Digital Research.

Surveys show that most Maine residents believe that just one serious medical accident or illness could wreak havoc on their economy. Almost everyone surveyed (89%) believes it is very important that everyone in the state has access to comprehensive health insurance. The question was asked, “How high should the priority be for Augusta legislators to work to ensure that all minor residents have access to some form of affordable comprehensive health insurance?” 86% of her respondents said it should be top or top priority.

Congress is already working hard on a law to ensure health care for all Maine residents (LD 329) and an amendment to the state constitution (LD 590) to guarantee the right to health care. Now is the time for all of us, the 86% majority, to reach out to our state legislators and senators, thank them for their work, and express our support for the proposed legislation. By doing this, we can all make a difference.

Michael Bacon

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