Medical executive cardiac arrest at airport

Kathy Wilson-Gold dropped her six-year-old twins, Michael and Megan, to school on a sunny Monday in October with suitcases before driving to the airport for a business trip to New Jersey.

For the medical executive and registered dietitian, the first flight from her home in Oklahoma City to Dallas went smoothly. She did so on her next trip to Philadelphia. After landing, Kathy received a text message from a client. The next day’s meeting will end earlier than expected.

So Kathy detours to an airline club to discuss booking an early flight home.

“How’s the plane going?” she asked staff member Kenwin Olin.

Then Kathy collapsed.

Cathy hit the floor hard. Orrin immediately called 911 and called for medical personnel. Immediately, three of him, a veteran firefighter, a former nurse and a German doctor, responded from outside the club.

Kathy had no pulse. The trio got into action.

Firefighter Todd Prentice began CPR while other firefighters searched for an AED. He performed CPR for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, another traveler finds Cathy’s cell phone. He called the last person she called, her husband Mike Gold. The traveler gave Orin the phone. Olin frequented the Philadelphia airport on his business trips, so he knew both Cathy and Mike.

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