Medical Coordinator – Venezuela – Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic)

INTERSOS is an independent humanitarian organization that assists victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and displacement. Its work is based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, and pays special attention to the most vulnerable.

terms of reference

Position: Medical Coordinator

Code: 57-5519

Location: San Cristobal (Venezuela – 60%) – Arauca (Colombia – 40%) Frequent field visits to national health program locations

Start date: January 5, 2023

Contract period: 6 months extension possible

Report to: Mission Director

Supervision: Medical personnel from two countries

Dependents: HQ Health Division

General situation of the project

Over the past decade, more than 6 million migrants and refugees from Venezuela have sought new and safer lives abroad, fleeing insecurity, a huge economic contraction and collapse of public services. Most of them have been away from his hometown since 2017. About 2.5 million Venezuelans currently live in Colombia, and the aftermath of a multi-pronged civil war has left the country with one of the highest rates of forced displacement in the world. Unprepared technically and financially and unable to control the border, the Colombian authorities were the first to prove themselves unable to meet the needs of the incoming influx. As a result of the preparations, there are currently a large number of Venezuelan refugees in the country illegally, but only 1,492,275 (out of about 25 million people in the country) are registered. Lack of registration means that basic services cannot be accessed, leading to increased other risks, including belonging to armed groups.

Along the 2,200-kilometer border that separates Venezuela and Colombia, and more specifically near the Apré and Arauca borders, the constant presence of rogue armed groups fosters a dangerous environment for both migrants and locals. . As of February 28, 2022, 55,245 Venezuelan citizens (2.23% of his total) lived in Arauca Department, of which 31,150 lived in Arauca City and 5,855 in Arauquita. . In both of the above municipalities, armed conflict and mixed migration flows, coupled with natural disasters, have been reported to worsen humanitarian needs and unmet needs, especially among women, children, youth, indigenous communities, migrants and refugees. Not a high level of basic needs is the main cause. , and Colombian returnees.

Since early 2022, intensified fighting between armed groups has exacerbated the already precarious security situation in the border regions, particularly in the Arauca region.

General Purpose of the Position

Define and implement the mission’s medical strategy in close collaboration with the EU and medical departments. Responsible for planning and coordinating all medical activities and resources on the mission in accordance with ethical principles taking into account the INTERSOS Charter, policies, and international and national protocols to provide quality medical care to patients and their communities Improving the health and humane living conditions of the target population to ensure that

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • INTERSOS Responsible for defining, implementing, and updating the health content of the National Health Strategy, linking identified health needs to the health strategy vision and project objectives, priorities, and medical and humanitarian needs of people at risk. Transform into the resources you need to cover .
  • Take overall responsibility for the adequacy and quality of medical interventions delivered by the INTERSOS project and work to identify and remove barriers to better patient safety, effective care and better patient-centred practices is expected
  • Continuously monitor the medical and humanitarian needs of mission countries in areas where INTERSOS already exists through new intervention areas or exploratory missions; monitor and review project proposals; Determine the resources you need to define your new program.Cover medical and humanitarian needs of people at risk
  • Coordinate with the medical department to validate the submission of his/her designed project proposals to international donors and private foundations
  • Responsible for oversight and monitoring of medical-technical aspects, humanitarian needs, working with the Logistics Coordinator to monitor critical aspects of the program through regular site visits, analyze problems during implementation, and identify deviations as they occur I will report if I do.Deliver the solutions you need and achieve operational results
  • Work closely with the HR coordinator to participate in the planning, definition and sizing of medical personnel in the mission and the associated processes (recruitment, medical staff validation, training/introduction, evaluation, potential detection, development and internal/external communication).Guide and directly assist medical teams in the conduct of medical activities
  • Responsible for defining and sizing other resources (pharmacy and medical device management in conjunction with logistics) and timelines, procedures, and protocols. Work with the logistics department to ensure the readiness of all medical orders and submit all medical purchase requests. Responsible for the proper management of pharmacies on missions, including projects.Provide reports on mission evolution from a medical perspective as needed
  • Represent INTERSOS before local health authorities, ensure regular attendance and active participation in health and nutrition coordination forums (cluster meetings, other technical coordination Communicate regularly with non-governmental organizations (NGOs, local organizations, donors, authorities) to expand medical humanitarian situation analysis, enhance the impact of medical interventions, and support advocacy efforts

Required profile and experience


An advanced university degree in medicine or other paramedical studies.Preferred tropical medicine specialization or degree in public health

professional experience

A minimum of four years of relevant work experience as a medical director/coordinator in the humanitarian sector, particularly in vulnerable and precarious settings.

professional requirements

  • Basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet)
  • Demonstrate experience with various donor compliance and reporting
  • Leadership, Talent Management and Development
  • Strong teamwork and cooperation ability
  • strategic vision
  • service oriented
  • Commitment to INTERSOS Principles
  • Understand humanitarian principles, standards and best practices


Working in Spanish and English.Multilingual knowledge desirable

personal requirements

  • Leadership, Talent Management and Development
  • Strong teamwork and cooperation skills
  • Commitment to INTERSOS Principles

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited application Followed by Link Below:

Our application process is 3 easy steps: register (including your name, email, password, citizenship), sign up and application by attaching you resume of PDF formatThrough this platform, candidates can track their application history with Intersos.

Please include your name, title, and contact information. At least 3 references: 2 line managers and 1 HR representative referent. Family members are not eligible.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an initial interview.

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