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By Bill Snyder

The Vanderbilt School of Medicine continues to establish itself as a world leader in teaching, research and patient care, Dean Jeff Balther, MD, said at last week’s spring faculty meeting.

The number of medical schools increased from 13th up to 5th ranked in the ranking announced every year by US news and world reports. Balther, who is also president and CEO of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, said the ranking changed the weighting of different factors, with a significant number of faculty members receiving both training and federally-funded research in a wide range of fields. said that the positive impact of engaging in center.

Jeff Balther, M.D., delivers the 2023 State of the Medical School Address. (Photo credit: Susan Army)

School of Medicine ranked 11th in 2022th With funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Balther said fiscal year 2023 could be even better, as overall research funding is expected to increase by 8% from the baseline value of $916 million.

The appointment last year of one of the world’s leading structural biologists, Dr. John Kuryan, to head the basic sciences of the medical school is another example of Vanderbilt’s growing reputation.

“This basically sends the message that Vanderbilt will continue to grow and become home to a stronger basic science business,” Balther said.

The school’s reputation was evident in January when it announced a partnership with industry to whole-genome sequence nearly 35,000 DNA samples, mostly from African Americans, an underrepresented group in genetic research. Became. “This will be the largest whole-genome cohort of African Americans associated with extensive and long-term electronic medical record health information,” he said.

The achievements of Vanderbilt University faculty are evidenced by recognition from prestigious bodies such as the Pew Charitable Trust and the National Academy of Medicine, as well as participation on the National Advisory Board on Pediatrics, Mental Health and Health Equity.

Vanderbilt Medical College graduates are also highly regarded, with 78% of them participating in training programs based in the top 25 hospitals in the nation this year. Of the 1,195 residents and fellows who will be training at VUMC this year, 61.4% are women, a record high, and more than a fifth are underrepresented minorities.

The current enrollment in the medical school is 645, of which 82 are enrolled in the Audiolinguistics program and 58 are pursuing a master’s degree in public health.

Of the 445 M.D. students, 110, or about 25%, have earned both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in the Medical Scientist Training Program. While other medical schools train more doctors/doctoral degrees, “we are one of the largest universities in terms of percentage of medical classes,” Balzer said, adding that the training of future medical scientists He commented on the university’s strong commitment to

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