Medical cannabis bills sent to governor in late rush

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As the 59th Congress rushes to close its first regular session for the final time, lawmakers sent Gov. Kevin Stitt some significant changes to the state’s medical marijuana laws.

Senate Bills 437 and 831 passed the Senate on Thursday and then passed the House on Friday, ahead of the gavel. SB 831 would give the Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Authority the authority to operate its own Quality Assurance Lab, while SB 437 stitched together the leftovers of several other measures.

While SB 831 heard no opposition, SB 437 encountered resistance from industry allies.

The provisions of SB 437 include mandatory prepackaging of cannabis products, further restrictions on the use of medical cannabis by minors, restrictions on THC content in edibles, and continuing education requirements for medical cannabis practitioners and prescribing physicians. It is included.

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“These bills are the result of months of collaboration with the House, industry experts and patients, and a survey of the medical cannabis industry in other states to see what worked and what didn’t.” Duncan Republican Senator Jessica Garvin said. , the Senate drafters of both bills.

‚ÄúThis is an industry that has helped many Oklahomans and boosted the local economy, but there are still areas that need attention. I urge the governor to sign these important reforms into law. I ask.”

The House on Friday passed the SB 15th bill, which would increase annual licensing fees from cannabis growers from $500 to $2,500, and the SB 18th bill, which would end the automatic allocation of medical cannabis tax revenue, as part of the budget bill. sent to the governor. Strengthen education and let Congress decide how to spend revenues in excess of what OMMA needs to operate.

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