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May 13, 2023 at 4:31 p.m. U.S. time

The Maui Nui Food Alliance Food Security Survey rewards participants with a $20 gift of local food.

In partnership with the Maui Food Bank and the Nuestro Futuro Foundation, the Maui Nui Food Alliance (MNFA) conducted a food security survey of Maui County individuals and households who had experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months. It has started.

Food insecurity is when households worry that they will run out of food or money to buy food each month. The first of his 350 participants to respond to the MNFA Food Security Survey will receive his $20 gift of local produce from his Maui His Hub or Sustainable Moloka’i Mobile His Market.

The Nuestro Futuro Foundation provided $10,000 to compensate participants in the MNFA Food Producer Needs Assessment and Food Security Survey for their time and knowledge sharing.

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Abigail Perrin, executive director of the Nuestro Futuro Foundation, said, “To help build food security in Maui County, we have asked participants in the Maui Nui Food Alliance Needs Assessment for their time. We wanted to ensure the fairness of the investigation so that fair compensation was paid.”

MNFA will use the information collected in this study to assist Maui County in developing food and nutrition security plans and to inform resource providers and agencies addressing food security needs.

MNFA has partnered with the Maui Hub and Sustainable Morokaiz Mobile Market for an initiative to provide locally grown produce for purchase through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) EBT. The Maui hub offers free shipping to all SNAP EBT customers. Maui Hub and Sustainable Molokai’s Mobile Market are also participating in DA BUX, offering 50% off locally grown produce with SNAP EBT.

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The Maui Nui Food Alliance encourages help by sharing findings with individuals who may have experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months.

If attendees have any questions about the survey or receiving the $20 local food gift, we encourage them to contact us via email. [email protected]

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