Martha Stewart, 81, talks candidly about ‘botox’ and plastic surgery after ‘SI’ cover

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  • Martha Stewart responds to criticism that she had plastic surgery before the shooting sports illustrated swimwear cover.

  • Some claimed that the photo was over-retouched.

  • Stewart has been open about the accusations and his thoughts on Botox and fillers.

You’ve probably seen the work of Martha Stewart. sports illustrated The cover that took the internet by storm. The 81-year-old lifestyle mogul has gone down in history as the oldest cover model for a swimsuit edition, but throughout the week, she’s had a ton of (mostly positive) reactions to this glamorous shoot. I received a response from But, of course, there were also deniers who claimed she had plastic surgery before filming. Stewart is now open about botox, fillers and plastic surgery.

“It’s not true,” Starr said shortly after receiving the knife. variety.

what teeth Sure, she had a few extra routines to prepare for her debut, but that didn’t include going under the knife. “I used to get facials regularly, but I also got spray tans, probably more often,” she said. “And I’m not a hairy person, but I got a full body wax.” , she said) today), cut back on alcohol, and increased the frequency of Pilates workouts to three times a week.

“I never had plastic surgery or anything like that,” Stewart continued. “I have very healthy and good hair. I drink green juice every day. I take vitamins. I eat very healthy. I have a very good dermatologist.” I am very careful in the sun, I wear a hat and apply sunscreen every day.”

She added that she has also stayed away from Botox. “Sometimes I get fillers in little lines here and there, but I hate Botox. It’s just weird to me. I really, really don’t make a big deal out of it,” she said.

Still, other critics argued that: sports illustrated The photo should have been heavily retouched. (But if you’ve seen Instagram trapping her thirst, you’ll know otherwise by comparison!) [retouched]. Incredibly accurate photo. I really liked the low amount of airbrushing,” explained Stewart.

Stewart has delivered a consistent message throughout his career building an entertainment and lifestyle empire. That high experience is not just possible, it is achievable for everyone. She hopes this cover is just an example and that everyone can look and feel better as they age. “Age is not the determinant of friendship or success. It’s what people do, how they think and how they act, that’s what matters, not your age,” she said. sports illustrated.

All the filters and cosmetic procedures in the world couldn’t emulate what makes Stewart truly shine: simply presence. “You have to feel good and be in the moment,” she said. The Drew Barrymore Show That’s her number one tip when in front of the camera. It’s safe to say it works for her, so she takes notes.

Of course, her beauty routine also helps. The star has shared her top wellness products with us in the past. I mean, she’s a huge Mario Badesque fan. Shop her favorite products below.

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