Man in mental health crisis brought rifle into Massachusetts General Hospital Wednesday, police say – NBC Boston

A man armed with a rifle has been arrested after Wednesday’s incident at Massachusetts General Hospital, police said in a statement.

Officers from the Boston Police Department were called to an apartment after a man was reportedly having a mental health crisis and was in possession of a hunting rifle. The man reportedly called 911 and said, “I heard God say that if you don’t want to get shot get your rifle out and the police are coming to kill him.”

Police were unable to locate the man inside the building, but were later found to be in the hospital. His rifle had already been secured when officers arrived on the scene, police said.

Officers snatched a rifle from a hospital security guard. The man, whose identity has not been released, was released from police custody under Section 12 of the Hospitalizations for Mental Health Crisis Act and transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Last night, Boston Police responded to a wreck on the MGH campus,” the hospital said in a statement Thursday. “The incident was quickly resolved and no one was injured. Patients were unaffected and the hospital continued to operate as normal. Prompt action was taken by all involved, including our colleagues and the Boston Police Department.” will be grateful to.”

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