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PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts — A man from Haverhill was charged with assaulting a Plymouth police officer, destroying property, and breaking into and damaging a vehicle after he left a treatment facility on Friday night, police said. ing.

Camilo Gutierrez, 49, has been charged with assault and assault on a police officer, assault and assault with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon, property damage, vandalism and trespassing, serious damage to a vehicle, and public violence. indicted for obstruction. Peace, said the police.

In a statement on Saturday, police said they “commend the officers’ level of restraint in dealing with such a violent person.”

Around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, Plymouth police officers were summoned to a treatment facility after receiving a report that a person was aggressive towards staff, setting off alarms and “throwing objects around the building.” was

Police said the man, who weighed 270 pounds and was 5 feet 11 inches tall, left the facility before officers arrived. Police searched the area but could not find him.

Police said the man returned to the facility after midnight and began threateningly swinging a shovel handle, breaking windows in the building and damaging other property.

He then left the facility again.

A man later identified as Gutierrez was found in a truck that had just entered the driveway of a sleeping Plymouth resident, police said.

Police said they tried to talk to the man but were “extremely aggressive, insulted and assaulted”.

Police said the man “began destroying the interior of the truck with baseballs, shovel handles and sharp metal objects (tools that pierce leather).”

The man also “showed all these items in a threatening manner to police officers who were present,” police said.

Officers tried to calm the situation, but the man continued to act, including smashing windows in the “whole interior” of the car, injuring himself, police said.

Officers approached the man using “an ineffective OC spray,” but “the man nearly hit the officer by swinging the handle of the shovel and using a metal fork to smash through a window he had broken earlier. I stabbed a sergeant,” police said.

Officers then used a taping gun on the man, which allowed him to exit the vehicle, police said.

“The man continued to resist when he went outside and started spitting bloody spit on the officers,” police said.

Mr. Gutierrez was finally taken into custody.

A police officer suffered minor injuries and Gutierrez suffered minor lacerations, police said.

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