Mama June gives fans a round of applause after being accused of ‘cosmetic surgery’ in star’s new video while on vacation in NYC

MAMA’s June Shannon responded with applause to a fan who accused her of having cosmetic surgery.

Mama June: The Family Crisis star defended herself by personally replying to a social media post.

Mama June shared a video of dinner at a fine dining restaurant in NYCCredit: Instagram/mamajune
One fan asked if she’s done any cosmetic workCredit: Instagram/mamajune

June was in New York City this week to promote the show’s new season.

After a day of plugging in, the 43-year-old enjoyed a large steak dinner at a fine dining restaurant.

But no matter how extravagant the dinner was, June still added her water supplement powder to her drink and didn’t apologize, saying that’s what she liked.

“I know I’m not the only one who takes their water packets with them to restaurants,” she captioned a video of herself mixing drinks. It’s a nice place and they may have looked at me like crazy, but hey girls love flavored water. What can I say?”

Fans had a lot to say in the comments section, including some who questioned her looks.

“Have you had a rhinoplasty?” he thought. “Then it looks good.”

However, Mom has no such drama and has personally replied to the post.

“No, it’s called contouring,” she quipped. “I’m wearing makeup.”

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all natural

Just last month, June showed fans her true skin without social media filters.

The reality star posted a selfie to her Instagram story while standing in a parking lot in the sunshine.

You couldn’t miss her rosy red skin as she smiled while promoting the black hoodie she wore and grinned at the camera.

June’s nose and cheeks were rather pink, her eyes squinted in the sun, and her lips, which flaunted black false eyelashes, seemed chapped.

She also posted a photo of her back with an oversized hoodie and monochrome patterned pants.

spread the news

June is busy promoting Mama June’s wild new season, Family Crisis.

In the season premiere, she spoke about her custody battle with daughter Lauryn Pumpkin Effeld over Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson.

In a blast all-new episode, Mama June was seen driving with her husband Justin.

While sitting in the passenger seat, she asked the man.

Her frustration with the situation could be heard in her voice when she spoke in a cartoonish tone about the need to get the money on time.

In a confession, June explained:

“She had full custody for three years, so I had no problem giving her full custody, but now I have an $800 a month child support order. , I hear very little from the girls, and that’s the truth.”

Back in her car, she told Justin:

He seemed to support her.

June personally responded to the accusationsCredit: Instagram/mamajune
June was in NYC to promote the show’s new seasonCredit: Alex Kent of The US Sun
The reality star recently posted a photo of her natural look

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