Longboat Lead Medical Group Expands

Reed Medical Group, located at 6350 Gulf of Mexico Drive, has expanded its concierge services since opening in March 2021. It is now able to accommodate 300 patients.

Apart from primary care, the medical group currently offers services such as physical therapy, clinical psychology, hormone replacement therapy, health and nutrition, diagnostics, and ultrasound-guided joint injections for pain and wound care.

“I was the Chief Medical Officer for four and a half years before opening this practice. I always wanted to open my own practice,” says James, a board-certified family physician. Dr. Reed says “My grandfather was a fighter pilot, then went to school and practiced in rural Indiana. thought.

After working at other institutions, Reed realized that his practice could provide better care.

“I’ve seen the flaws in this system. Over the last 30 years, doctors have lost autonomy for insurance and corporate interests,” said Reed. “I can sit down with my patients and get to know their personalities, their medical histories and who they are, so I can provide the highest level of care closer to home instead of rushing them.”

Reid explained that if a patient had an urgent problem over the weekend, he could be called on his personal phone.

“They have a direct line with me because they know my cell phone number. Accurate diagnosis is sorely needed. We want to build a network to ensure our clients receive the best possible care,” Reed said. “I’ve hired a full team here since it opened, and it’s been great.”

Elizabeth Cole Director of Clinical Operations, Angie Weaver Director of Patient Operations

Photo by Sidra Wali

One of the team members, Elizabeth Cole, Director of Clinical Operations, explained the benefits of the concierge system.

Cole explained that most patients can get an appointment with Dr. Reed on the same day in most cases.

“I love it because it allows us to give time to patients where our panel is limited and give them the professional care they deserve. there is.”

During the off-season, Reed Medical Group is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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