Located on the McLaren Healthcare Campus in University Health Park, the Medical Services Building is named for Hall of Fame coach Tom Izzo, his wife Lupe, and their families.

The name of the Medical Services building recognizes the Izzo family’s commitment to the community.

Gillespie Group has announced the name of a medical services building that will open in University Health Park in June 2023. Today, Michigan State University basketball is named “The Izzo Family Medical Center” after his coach, Tom Izzo, and his wife, Lupe, and his family. The naming opportunity was presented to the Izzo family to honor the positive contributions they have made to the community over the past 27 years. The building houses three of his groups, McLaren Greater Lansing, MSU Healthcare, and Cowell Health’s Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, which provide access to faster and more innovative services, bringing more of him to the area. It will be a positive contribution.

When the building sign is installed on the 60,400-square-foot building later this week, visitors will see “Izzo Family Medical Center” on the dark green exterior on the south side of the building, under the McLaren Greater Lansing sign, and on the main Lobby entrance.

“Tom, Lupe, and their families brought to the community many things that will continue to influence the area for decades.” Pat Gillespie, Founder and CEO of Gillespie Group, said: “Their involvement in this development that serves so many continues to confirm their commitment to making a positive contribution to the region.”

McLaren Greater Lansing agrees and believes that the services offered will become more recognized.

We are pleased that the Izzo family has chosen to invest in their community and in a program whose sole purpose is to provide community improvement through increased access to cutting-edge services. ” Kirkley, McLaren Greater Lansing President and CEO, said: “Their partnership in the project will increase the visibility of these services. We are grateful for their relationship.”

Physical, mental, and emotional health are topics Tom and Lupe commonly talk about, whether they refer to basketball players, their families, or their communities.As part owners, the Gillespie Group and others When they were presented with the opportunity to name a building after a family member in collaboration with several investors in . they agreed.

“The collaboration of expertise between McLaren, MSU Healthcare, Corewell Health and the Gillespie Group is a great example of the work needed to advance and ensure the well-being of our communities.” said Tom Izzo. Lupe Izzo followed “We are honored to have our family be part of this development and help bring innovative medical services to the region for the next generation.”

McLaren Greater Lansing, part of McLaren Health Care, continues to develop creative solutions through collaboration, making innovative services faster and more convenient for the community.

“Enhancing facilities and expanding service offerings has long been the focus of McLaren Healthcare investments in Lansing. We have seen first-hand the benefits that increased access to care can bring to patients.We applaud Tom and Lupe Izzo for their continued commitment to the Lansing community and are honored by their relationship with McLaren. ” Philip Incarnati, President and CEO of McLaren Healthcare, said:

More information: izzofamilymedicalcenter.com

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