Little People’s Matt Roloff opens up disturbing details about fiancé Caryn’s reaction to his ‘scary’ surgery and health crisis

LITTLE PEOPLE, Big World star Matt Roloff revealed details about his surgery earlier this week.

The 61-year-old encountered a complication while undergoing a routine endoscopy to check his esophagus.

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has shared details about the surgery he underwent with his fiancé Caryn Chandler earlier this week.Credit: TLC
he underwent an endoscopy to examine his esophagusCredit: Instagram/mattroloff

Matt shared a selfie from his hospital bed on Tuesday, captioning it, “Last week was kind of rough.

“I thought it was just a regular upper endoscopy to check my esophagus.

“When things didn’t go as planned and the doctor told Callin, ‘There were some complications.

“It turns out there are unexpected twists and turns that go all the way down to the stomach.”

The Little People star says the ‘terrifying’ news is that doctors will need to do ‘further research’ to figure out exactly what’s wrong, meaning he’ll have to take a few days off work. rice field.

Matt shared more details in a comment on the post, admitting that his fiancé, Caryn Chandler, was “terrified” by the doctor’s news.

One fan commented, “Hey, that sounds like a terrible ordeal. Did you do damage without knowing the twists and turns, or did you find something to worry about when you did it?”

Matt replied, “Yeah, I was still sick when things got crazy. But the waiting room update got Caryn pretty scared.”

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Matt and Caryn have been dating since 2017 and announced their surprise engagement last month.

In an exclusive interview with People, the couple announced they were going to say “I Do.”

He shared the exciting news as well as some details about his impending wedding.

“After six wonderful years together, I asked Caryn to marry me and she said yes!” the Roloff family head told the magazine.

“Our plan is to enjoy our engagement and look forward to a simple but elegant wedding in 2024.”

Between new projects and wedding preparations, Matt has a lot to look forward to in the future once he’s fully recovered.

construction corner

Matt recently revealed he was building a new mansion and has since been updating his fans with photos and videos of the construction process.

He broke ground on his new home in March and credits his youngest son Jacob, 26, with helping with the new building effort.

He previously showed the early stages of a new home, spotlighting a wooden foundation that spanned a chunk of land.

Earlier this month, the TLC star gave a whole new perspective on a giant mansion under construction.

In a video he posted to Instagram, the 61-year-old stood in the middle of his soon-to-be-built home, filming workers installing floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Matt shared in the caption, “Windows is up and running… Thank you Jim for staying on track despite all the changes… I’m still having fun… Hope you are too.”

Matt said he was “still sick” when doctors discovered complications, while his fiancé, Caryn, said he was “scary” in the waiting room.Credits: Social Media – see source
He’s currently building a dream mansion on his farm (pictured with his son Jacob)Credit: Instagram/mattroloff
Reality star owns $4 million Roloff farm in OregonCredit: Instagram/mattroloff

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