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Last week, we celebrated Patient Experience Week across Michigan Medicine. Patient Experience Week honored individuals and teams who have impacted and improved the Patient Experience.

This year’s theme, “We are Better Together,” emphasized the importance of teamwork in providing high-quality, safe, patient- and family-centered care.

The week kicked off with a keynote from Press Ganey’s Chief Experience Officer, Chrissy Daniels. Press Ganey is a partner her vendor who manages all patient experience surveys and Vital Voices faculty and employee engagement surveys.

Daniels began his speech by sharing patient comments from the Michigan Medicine survey.

“Our patients care about the experience we provide across this organization. The numbers are outrageously high,” says Daniels.

Her simple message was that by listening to our patients, we should focus on doing what we do best and do it frequently and consistently across the continuum of care.

If you were unable to participate either face-to-face or virtually, or if you would like to hear the address again, You can see it here.

Continuing the theme of teams and teamwork, the Office of Patient Experience hosted a learning forum.

Presentations and panel discussions focused on how important safety and quality are in a reliable effort to provide excellent patient care.

Reliable skills, coupled with teamwork across the enterprise, create a culture that empowers staff and builds trust with patients and families. The discussion focused on the importance of patient-centered care. This is related to Michigan Medicine’s goal of non-toxicity.

“[I was] Thanks to the presenters for their expertise! They provided a very clear explanation of why HRO is important to an organization’s improvement efforts,” said an attendee who attended the learning forum.

If you were unable to attend or would like to see it again, To watch the recording, please visit the Patient Experience Resource Hub.

Join us on June 8th for our next learning forum to learn how you can use patient experience survey data to improve your experience. Click here for more information and registration.

On weekdays, the Towsley Triangle’s Office of Patient Experience was also available. Representatives from Interpreting Services, HOPE Ambassador Program, Patient and Family Advisor management, Patient Education and Health Literacy, and Patient Experience Learning and Coaching shared information about the various programs.

Thank you for all you do for your patients, families, and each other.

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