Laura Nuttall finds hope in cancer treatment in Germany

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Laura Nuttall is now in Germany with her mother Nicola

A young woman who has had terminal cancer for five years feels ‘hope’ after traveling to Germany for treatment.

Laura Nuttall, 23, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and given an initial prognosis of 12 months.

After surgery, she is receiving electrical hyperthermia.

“I feel hopeful. I don’t know where we would be or what we would be doing if this wasn’t an option,” she said.

“I’m really happy to be here and hopefully we’ll see some improvements.”

Originally from Barrowford, Lancashire, Laura decided to travel internationally after having surgery in October to remove a tumor that recurred days later.

“We had to decide on our next steps. Doctors suggested we go to Germany to see if we could get treatment here,” she told BBC North West Tonight. rice field.

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Laura, pictured with her mother Nicola and father Mark, had an initial prognosis of 12 months.

Her mother Nicola said the latest surgery, not offered by the NHS, involves injecting “a harmless virus into her tumor cavity” to “stimulate an immune response”.

“[The virus] Over the years, it has been found to have a positive effect on migrating to tumor cells and activating the immune system to essentially recognize that tumor cells are foreign and not part of the body. rice field.

“Unfortunately there aren’t that many choices in the UK, so you’re essentially throwing the kitchen sink.”

Nicola said it was great to see her daughter get out of bed after having surgery on Friday.

“Every time she gets another anesthesia, something is going on in her brain,” she added.

“There is a great risk that it will affect her mobility and that she will have no memory when she wakes up.

“All brain manipulation is a spin on the roulette wheel.”

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In addition to studying and getting therapy, Laura completes her to-do list.

The treatment cost around £15,000 and Nicola thanked those who helped fund her daughter.

“I am so grateful to everyone who donated…because everyone who went to the Peter Kay concert made this possible,” Nicola said.

“She is very important to us and we want to keep Laura here as long as possible.”

Laura was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in 2018 after routine eye exams.

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