Latin America Emergency Medical Coordinator – Latin America and the Caribbean – Mexico


Given the deteriorating socio-political and economic situation in Latin America and the growing negative impacts of climate change impacts, acute emergencies with severe impacts on the most vulnerable populations in the region are expected to occur more frequently.

To fulfill its mandate to assist victims of conflict, epidemics and natural disasters, MSF has established an Emergency Hub, whose members are experienced personnel who can assess situations, initiate and coordinate projects. there is Emergency Medical Coordinator posts report directly to the Emergency Coordinator. Emergency Hub is an entity that spans OCB/OCG.

Candidates are expected to work in any situation determined by the emergency hub (within the region).

work station

This position is based in Mexico City and requires travel to all countries where emergency hubs have been activated for emergency response.


· Jointly lead the E-Coordo’s pre-negotiation work to develop networks for operational access, especially in countries where MSF is not based, taking into account the use of existing MSF networks.

· In collaboration with the e-HUB Epi Manager, develop an early warning and surveillance system for Latin America in collaboration with other MSF entities in the region. Experienced Epi-Managers are available for e-HUB.

· Participate in developing learning strategies for emergency response.

· Build and maintain networks and partnerships with other MSF organizations in the region.

· Conduct or participate in the initiation of exploration missions or projects.

• Establish, recruit and train a functional first wave medical team for emergency response.

· Work with Ecoordo to design a point-of-care response.

• Ensure quality of care and implement data collection and reporting systems in line with MSF standards.

· Communicate directly with Geneva/Brussels medical support departments if necessary.

your profile

· A doctor or paramedic. Having a degree in tropical medicine is an added advantage.

· Fluency in Spanish (high to advanced preferred) and English (intermediate to advanced preferred).

– Proven experience as a medical coordinator with MSF or an equivalent international organization (4+ years or 4 assignments preferred).

• Experience in emergency coordination with MSF or equivalent international organization (preferably 12 months or more or several assignments).

· Experience coordinating Explo/Explo-Actions and (urgent) project start/end.

· Flexibility to travel to any country in the region as needed.


• Good knowledge of MSF’s healthcare policies and protocols is desirable.

· Ability to rapidly design healthcare operational strategies according to MSF standards.

Proven skills in negotiation, diplomacy and decision-making skills

· Open to proven initiatives and innovative approaches.

Ability to work in unstable and unstable environments and to cope with stress

· Collaborative approach, ability to be a good team player.

Ability/experience with digital remote Microsoft tools (Sharepoint, Teams, One Drive, etc.)

availability, flexibility and mobility

Employment conditions

· Start date: As soon as possible.

· Contract duration: 12-24 months.

・Salary range: Varies depending on the contract department.

Post of the IRP2 family based in Mexico City

How to apply

How to apply

Interested candidates should send a complete application (resume and letter of intent) to:

Applications from sites other than greenhouse sites will not be accepted.

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