Keith Richards undergoes brain surgery

Legendary rock band The Rolling Stones seem unbeatable with a 60-year career going on. On this day in 2006 (May 8th), guitarist Keith Richards in particular proved immortal.

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Richards was forced to undergo emergency brain surgery after being initially diagnosed with a “minor concussion” due to a fall in Fiji. washington post report. A few days before April 27th, Richards fell out of a tree while vacationing on an island in the South Pacific following his Oceania stint on his tour of A Bigger Bang World.

Rumors circulated about the details of the fall, but the truth behind the incident was finally revealed in Richard’s 2010 autobiography. lifeWhat many people thought was a palm or palm tree was actually a “gnarled low tree” a few feet off the ground.

According to the story, Richards rested on a branch to dry off after swimming, and the guitarist’s situation turned sideways as he descended. “There was another branch in front of me,” he wrote in his autobiography. However, my hands were still wet and I forgot that I had sand and everything on me, so when I grabbed this branch, I had no grip. fell down and hit a tree trunk. difficult. And that was it. “

After the incident, he was taken to a hospital in New Zealand, where a spokesperson for the band called the stay a “precautionary measure”. GuardianHowever, the guitarist had to be freed from a subdural hematoma, or blood clot in the brain, a procedure that punctured the skull.

Richards’ recovery from surgery forced the band to postpone their European tour for six weeks. Had to reschedule some shows. Full recovery was announced on June 6 of that year, with a revised tour schedule. Richards’ statement included, “Sorry I fell off my perch! Sorry to disrupt everyone’s plans, but I’m full steam ahead now! Wow!!”

Before the band returned to New Zealand in 2013 as part of their On Fire tour, Richards talks about his memorable stay in the country. “I’m looking forward to returning to New Zealand, especially since I left half my head there,” he joked in a video message. “It holds a special place in my heart and mind.” .”

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for RS

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