Josh Green, Maryland Governor | Office of the Governor – News Releases – First Medical Rest Kauhale Unit Arrives

GOVERNOR’S OFFICE – NEWS RELEASE – First Medical Rest Kauhale Unit Arrives

Posted on May 9, 2023 in Latest Division News, Newsroom, Governor’s Office Press Releases

HONOLULU, HAWAII — Governor Josh Greene celebrates the arrival of Hawaii’s first medical rest Kauhale or village’s first troops away from the State Capitol, his home, and the State Department of Health and Education . Street from Queens Medical Center.

“We are building a medical rest Kauhale in our own backyard because in many ways it is the epicenter of people suffering from a lack of care and hygiene support. “We need to say, ‘Yes, in my backyard.’ We can and will show our neighbors aloha.”

A 10-unit village is being built by a non-profit organization home aid hawaii The mauka-most section of the Ministry of Health car park is fully fenced and has 24-hour private security. Another sanitary trailer is provided by the nonprofit Project Vision.Hawaii (PVH)Kauhale is staffed 24 hours a day to coordinate intake, supervision and care. PVH also provides a registered nurse who makes daily rounds.

Sanitation trailers are available to all resident and non-resident neighbors in the community who need to use hot showers or toilets.

“The addition of these resources and a very substantial infrastructure allows us to move to safer places instead of more dangerous places. , is desperately needed to avoid a massive explosion of needs,” said Gov. Green. will have.”

The Capitol District’s Kauhale design, like previous Kauhale designs in Waianae and Kapolei, is responsive to feedback and responsive to the needs of the surrounding community. “The design process considered the privacy of both Kauhale residents and state employees who park in the adjacent parking lot and those who walk the area to their offices,” said Chief Housing Officer Nani Medeiros. said. “The exterior design is inspired by the Ohia her lehua flower, which first blooms after a lava flow. This flower embodies resilience and thriving in the midst of destruction,” she said.

Groundbreaking medical respite facilities serve homeless people released from hospital inpatient beds and homeless people discharged from the emergency room with nowhere to go.

“It’s important to emphasize that this is a Kauhale for temporary medical respite,” said James Koshiba, Gov. Green’s homelessness coordinator. It’s designed to address gaps in the current system of putting it back in. This is one step in the process and we’re also working to open a respite bed in an existing community facility in about six months.”

By far the best-known type of kauhale consists of small houses, but the broader concept includes multi-family dwellings, including multi-family dwellings.

“These are meant to be spaces in which community is built, whether temporary or permanent. Yes, and that includes support from your neighbors.

Medical Respite Kauhale is expected to receive its first residents by the end of May, ahead of Community Day. Donated goods will be delivered that day, and Capitol District State employees will volunteer to assemble bed frames, move furniture, and finish units.

courtesy video and photos are available. Governor’s Credit Bureau.

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