Josh Green, Maryland Gov. | Attorney General Warns of Fake FBI Bitcoin Phone Scam Involving Attorney General’s Phone Number “Spoofing” Division

Attorney General Warns About Fake FBI Bitcoin Phone Scam Involving Attorney General’s Phone Number “Spoofing” Division

Posted on March 23, 2023 / Latest Division News, Newsroom

Honolulu, Hawaii – Scammers are making phone calls to Hawaii residents pretending to be Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) agents. Callers are lying and telling potential victims that they owe an outstanding fine and will be arrested unless they pay it immediately in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or use other methods. .

Scammers are trying to “spoof” the phone number of the Hawaii Attorney General ((808) 586-1282) to lend false credibility to the scam. “Spoofing” causes the phone caller ID to display false information. Usually a fake local number or, as in this case, a local government law enforcement agency. Scammers use “fraud scripts” to try to steal your money or valuable personal information.

“Law enforcement agencies, including the Attorney General and the FBI, will never, I repeat, never call Hawaii residents, use cryptocurrencies, anonymous payment cards, or wire transfers or any other means to avoid imminent arrest. Use your means,” says Hawaii Attorney General Ann Lopez. “These people are criminal scammers. Hang up immediately, do not call back, do not divulge personal information or transfer money under any circumstances.”

The Attorney General’s Office is coordinating with the FBI to protect Hawaii residents. If you or someone you know has been the victim of one of these phone scams, please contact the Attorney General’s Investigative Division at (808) 586-1240.

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