John Kincaid quits radio show due to colon cancer surgery

This is a pity. John Kincaid has cancer again.

In 1995, Kincaid was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Shortly after enduring treatment to control lymphoma, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Kincaid’s success in battling both ailments helped him put his life into perspective and facilitate a mid-life career change.

“[Battling] Cancer has allowed me to say that nothing stands in my way if I’m going to deal with anything. There is no challenge that I cannot meet. ”

“I said to my mother, ‘If I survive this,’ [second bout with cancer], I intend to quit and pursue my passion. ’ Even as I said that, I thought to myself, ‘I won’t be able to live that long. But as I got stronger, I had to do it. I had to follow through. On the Friday before Memorial Day in 1999, I literally woke up in the morning to my previous job he gave two months notice. . .Lost 80 percent of his bond and got a $36,000 a year radio job [in local Atlanta radio]”

We are doing our best for John. A great guy who’s been here before and made it to the top. Doctors seem to have caught the disease relatively early. I hope John has a clean, uncomplicated surgery and that he beats cancer 3 to 3 and is back in perfect health.

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