Jennifer Morse, M.D., Medical Director of Central Michigan District Health, Central Michigan District Health, and District Health #10 Elected State Healthcare Leaders

Jennifer Morse, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Family medicine specialist and medical director of the Central Michigan District Health Department, Central Michigan District Health Department, and District Health Department #10, is a member of the Michigan Medical Association ( MSMS) Board of Directors elected to 158th termth Annual Meeting of the MSMS House of Representatives in Dearborn on April 23rd.

A graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Morse will serve a three-year term as an appointed member of the MSMS Board of Directors, representing the interests of other physicians in government or public health roles statewide. The MSMS Board sets policy and oversees the operations of her 15,000-member medical society, which is headquartered in East Lansing.

Dr. Morse serves as Medical Director for the Central Michigan District Health Department, the Central Michigan District Health Department, and District Health Department #10, which covers 19 counties in Central and Northern Michigan. She is also an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Michigan State University School of Human Medicine. Before working in the public health field, Dr. Morse spent nearly a decade working as a family physician in Clare, Michigan. Dr. Morse holds her master’s degree in public health from Michigan State University’s School of Human Medicine.

The Michigan Medical Association is a statewide professional association that acts as the voice of all physicians in Michigan and is affiliated with the American Medical Association. The physician’s policies on various issues related to public health, healthcare delivery, and medical ethics are set at his annual MSMS House of Representatives meeting.


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