Jeff Probst Talks Gross Food Challenge Return and Live Reunion from Podcast “On Fire” (Episode 11)


In the latest episode of on fire Podcast, Jeff Probst, Brittany Clapper, and Jeff Wolfe reunite to unravel the latest Survivor 44 episode. As opposed to just answering a few fan questions at the end, this episode was reserved exclusively for answering many burning questions like “Why is Jeff the worst?” . segment.

survivor 44 episode 11

  • The latest personal immunization challenge is featured (“The Last Gasp”) and Yum Yum’s focus during the challenge is celebrated.
  • Wolfe asked Probst about Carolyn’s anger at him in The Last Tribe and asked Probst if he was scared, to which Probst jokingly replied, “A little.”
  • Ms. Probst says she hopes to be as honest and forthright as Carolyn because Carolyn’s personality is always present, including with him.
  • Carolyn’s move to play an idol and whether she should play an idol since Tika’s three had votes is debated. Probst said it may be obvious to audiences that Carolyn was able to keep her idol, but players have limited information, so she did what she had to do to play the game.

hot question

  • How is the amount of food players receive determined? Do survivors have nutritionists? However, the new era meant less food, and although the production side had discussions with the medical team about how much food they could feed the players to keep them from getting sick, they decided to reduce the amount to match the new rules. It was adjusted.
  • What are the rules for drifters? We have a philosophy of minimizing the number of restrictions, but if production has to intervene, we will intervene. Otherwise they will be out. For example, when it comes to stealing, stealing someone else’s clothes is permissible even if it is frowned upon, but you cannot steal benefits or idols. It is a line that is allowed between players. Whether production is involved, it is not.
  • Can someone break the cage and get the idol instead of using the key? Technically yes, but not with a twist.
  • Will there be a podcast episode dedicated to the music played on Survivor? Probst replied that the music for Survivor was started by two composers who wrote thousands of songs during the show’s run. Local music is also incorporated into Survivor’s score.
  • In the “Survivor: Marquesas” finale, Probst boarded a helicopter and played a montage of him across New York. How did those scenes happen? Why did Rosie O’Donnell host the reunion? Instead of months between filming, viewers could feel that everything was a continuum of moments. See you again. Probst also said other people hosted the reunion for the first few seasons to promote the CBS Morning Show, but after Marquesas State, he decided Probst should host the reunion.
  • Probst talks about a montage shot after Survivor: Amazon. One moment I was jet skiing on the Negro River and the next I was jet skiing on the Hudson River. This final episode aired shortly after 9/11, and although Probst deliberately stopped in front of the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of patriotism, viewers responded favorably to it as the country was still recovering. Indicated. Probst also said she had hypothermia after hours of filming in freezing water.
  • Is it possible that Survivor will be filmed outside of Fiji in the future? He said there are several reasons why filming on location is becoming more complicated. The places I’ve shot so far have resorts and houses, lots of staff, and not many places can hold more than 400 people, so finding a secluded spot is even more difficult. There are also financial reasons, as the dollar is not as valuable as it once was in some countries, and budgets have not been increased to cover additional costs. Political instability also makes it unsafe to shoot, or uncomfortable to support, in some places. Finally, extreme weather due to global warming will not occur in many regions. The production has also partnered with Fiji to make the shooting of Survivor much smoother.
  • Will Survivor ever be filmed in the cold? Clapper says that’s not the nature of Survivor, and that filming in a cold environment would completely change the dynamics of the game.
  • Do you have a favorite catchphrase for Mr. Probst? Probst says he likes “Got nothing for you.” That’s because he took a negative attitude and said it from a friendly position. Ms. Clapper added her favorite phrase, “The tribe has spoken.”
  • Probst revealed that all his phrases are written on the lining of the hat he wears on the show.
  • What happened to food-related challenges? Will they make a comeback? Probst said these challenges began by visiting a place, seeing what the locals were eating, and handing those items to players to see if they would eat them. Then they tried to make a smoothie-based concoction, but it was no longer satisfying. Probst revealed that he did research to include a food challenge in Survivor 45 to bring back ballots, larvae, and other items that were eaten elsewhere where the survivor had been shot, but these items were cannot be shipped from other countries. For now, Probst says the food problem is over.
  • Does the production have a collection of mechanical animals to parade on the show? When the production crew discovers animals during filming, they collect shots of those animals for later use in other footage.
  • After Mr. Probst asks the players at Tribal Council whether they have an advantage or if they have an idol to play with, how long does it take to reveal the results of the vote? I will not wait for the time given. Instead, Probst pauses for a few seconds, letting or taking them depending on the mood of the situation. Usually, as Mr. Probst continues to read the votes, someone gets in his way, playing an idol or an advantage.
  • What does Probst do off camera? Probst says his typical day at Survivor looks like this: I wake up around 5:30 a.m., drink coffee, go over the plans for the day, prepare my assignments, have lunch, rehearse everything I need, have creative meetings, tribal council meetings. We finish the day around 9:30pm after getting ready and shooting.
  • Has Probst ever considered a first-boot season or a season with a player who left too early? Probst said the idea sounds better than the result, as the great players left before they had a chance to play, but he’s unsure if there will be enough players to make up the entire cast. said. Some fans may not remember the early-season boots that were photographed years ago, but these players also left the team for a reason. From a marketing perspective, Probst said it would be just as complicated. But based on this idea, Probst suggests making it a matchup between the early boot tribes and the runner-up tribes.
  • Can the intro be revived? Probst said the introduction was no longer done due to time constraints and that every minute is precious in Survivor. Probst isn’t against having another shorter version of the intro in the future.
  • Will the live finale return? Probst agrees that the live finale is fun and perfect for filming. But Probst didn’t like it because of public perception and social media reaction, and players had to defend their game instead of enjoying the moment. Probst wants to have a real moment with the players right after the winner is announced in the jungle, but he’s not against bringing back the live finale.

why jeff sucks

  • Probst has been criticized for not listening to his fans and doing what he wants, but if you look at his social media you can see what his fans want. The player is no longer playing Survivor, but the game is playing the player instead. How is it? Probst said he learned from the “Why Jeff sucks” segment that fans don’t like experimentation and evolution, and that he feels a responsibility to keep the show going by changing and trying new things. . “It’s better to burn out than to fade away,” Probst concludes.

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