Jeadyn Lukus has practice surgery in mid-spring but is happy with his job

Clemson –
Zidin Lux I knew I needed as much practice time as I could, but I also knew I needed to make time for surgery and rehab. As a result, he underwent surgery in the middle of spring practice.

Mauldin (SC) sophomore cornerback Lux underwent surgery late last week to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. Lux injured his shoulder early last season, but played through the pain as the Tigers addressed a depth issue in the corner spot.

He entered 2023 with 87 defensive snaps in 11 games as a freshman, recording six tackles, a tackle for loss, and an ACC Championship Game interception. But after missing most of the spring last season after having surgery to repair a labrum in his right shoulder, Lux knew he needed some time on the field before the final turn at the infirmary. As a result, Lux will participate in seven practices before undergoing surgery last Friday.

Timing of surgery is very important. He won’t be able to resume soccer training until his August when fall camp begins. In this way, half of the spring participation is decided.

“Just fighting for a spot. That’s the only reason,” Lux said. “Just getting the[defensive]install and all that stuff really puts you in competition for the job.”

Lukus joined Clemson as a highly rated prospect. According to PrepStar, he was his five-star player and was named to South Carolina’s Shrine Bowl. He was named to the Armor All-America Game in Orlando, where he was a unanimous top 60 player in the nation.

Lukus was ranked 40th overall by and was ranked as the fifth best cornerback and second best player in South Carolina. ranks him 48th overall, 8th among cornerbacks, 2nd in South Carolina, and 38th overall in 247Sports, 38th among cornerbacks. ranked fifth, and in South Carolina he ranked first.

In other words, he was a star at the high school level, but had to transition to competition at the college level.

“You have to get used to it,” said Lukus. You have to use your technique, your hands and your eyes here, it’s really important to have a good understanding of all these things because they are all really important.”

He also had to work on his concentration.

“[The coach]was telling me when I first came here to pick up your intensity. ‘Just increase that intensity level every day.'”

The senior who helps Lux sheridan jonesmissed time at camp while dealing with an injury. But that hasn’t stopped Jones from being a leader.

“He’s the leader of the group,” said Lukus. “So he helped me a lot on the field. Just he moves his legs and stays square to the line. But he helps us all with tips here and there every day. increase.”

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