Jamie Foxx reportedly recovering from ‘complications’ at Chicago facility: here’s the latest

Jamie Foxx is reportedly undergoing emergency treatment and rehabbing in Chicago.

Jamie Foxx is reportedly undergoing emergency treatment and rehabbing in Chicago. (Photo: Future publication via Getty Images)

It’s been over a month since Jamie Foxx’s “medical complications”, but details about the actor’s condition are still scarce. However, new reports say the actor is undergoing physical rehabilitation after a long hospital stay.

TMZ has obtained photos of Jamie’s loved ones, including daughters Colin Fox, 29, and Annelise Bishop, 14, visiting an unnamed facility in Chicago. The city has some of the nation’s top physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers, according to the report. usa news. TMZ reported, citing a source close to the Oscar winner, that he claimed he was “recovering well.” (The actor’s representative did not respond to Yahoo Entertainment’s request for comment.) It’s unclear when Jamie arrived, but Corinne said in an update last week that his father “has been out of the hospital for a few weeks.” rice field.

April 11th, 55 years old back to activity The star was hospitalized in Atlanta after an undisclosed medical emergency. It was widely reported that he was still there after more than four weeks. Some publications have speculated about his health as his condition has been shrouded in mystery. Corinne spoke out on Friday, one report said his loved ones were “preparing for the worst”.

“Sad to see the media outrage. My dad has been out of the hospital recuperating for weeks. In fact he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thank you everyone for your prayers and support,” she wrote on Instagram. shared in stories. We have another fun announcement next week!

Hours before TMZ reports surfaced on Monday, Fox announced that Jamie and Corinne would host. we are familyis a music-centric game show scheduled to premiere in 2024. The series will see the celebrity’s non-famous relatives perform duets with hidden, famous families.

Jamie’s immediate work obligations have been canceled or postponed. Earlier this month, Fox announced that Nick Cannon would host Season 6. beat shazam while Fox recovers. Kelly Osbourne will take over as Colin’s show DJ. Meanwhile, Universal Pictures has postponed the release date of Jamie’s film. strays from From June 9th to August 18th.

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