Jamie Foxx ‘out of hospital for a few weeks’ says daughter

Jamie Foxx’s family has addressed rumors about the singer’s health, four weeks after revealing he had complications.

“Family update: Sad to see media outrage. Dad has been out of the hospital recuperating for weeks,” daughter Corinne, 29, wrote on her Instagram story on Friday, adding that the family I shared a report that claimed: Be prepared for the “worst case”.

“In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thank you all for your prayers and support! We have another exciting job announcement next week!” she continued.

Last Wednesday, Fox’s Instagram account posted a message saying, “Thank you for all the love!!! Feeling blessed.” At the same time, the 55-year-old actor added, “See you later,” on his own Instagram story.

Jamie Fox.
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On April 12, Corinne announced on Instagram that her father had “experienced complications” the day before.He was in Atlanta filming a Netflix movie back to activityalso starring Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close, and directed by Fox. scary boss The director is Seth Gordon.

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Jamie Foxx and daughter Colin Foxx.
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Colin said at the time that Fox was “on the road to recovery” “thanks to quick action and close attention.” The Fox family also thanked fans for their prayers as they shared the update.

A source later told PEOPLE on April 21 that the actor’s health continued to improve. “He’s fine, thank God,” a source said at the time. “He’s still in the hospital, doctors are testing him, but he’s awake and conscious. He’s being monitored.”

Corinne Fox/Instagram

Multiple sources told PEOPLE that Fox is working on his recovery at a medical facility in Georgia and is doing well.

Production on Netflix movies resumed shortly thereafter. He was last seen filming on April 10th. Due to hospitalization, one of the stuntmen stood in for Fox and the other doubled as the photo shoot.

A source close to the actor told PEOPLE on May 5 that they were told that “Jamie’s condition is stable and not life-threatening at this time.”

”[Doctors] “We are conducting further tests and want to be absolutely sure he is okay before allowing him to leave the hospital,” the source said, adding that Fox will be asked to “keep his stress levels low” when he leaves the hospital. Added that it is advised.

The insider added that the hospital was “the last place Jamie doesn’t want to be” despite needing treatment.

“He has a lot of projects going on,” the source said. “He gets things done. Focused and insightful. What happened to him medically is serious enough to hospitalize him.”

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