ITU Secretary General of the United Nations Receives IEEE President’s Award

Doreen Bogdan Martin, Executive Director of the International Telecommunication Union, has been named this year’s recipient of the IEEE President’s Award. She is recognized for “her outstanding leadership and her contribution to society.”

For over 30 years, IEEE members have championed global connectivity and digital inclusion. Bogdan-Martin is the first woman to serve as the head of the ITU, a United Nations agency based in Geneva that helps formulate policies related to information and communication technology (ICT).

In a news release announcing the award, IEEE President and CEO Seifer Rahman said, “We are honored to recognize you as a transformational leader and IEEE member for your efforts in closing the global digital divide. ‘ said. IEEE sponsors the annual awards.

Leading efforts to bridge the digital divide

Bogdan Martin began his career in 1989 as a telecommunications policy expert at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the US Department of Commerce in Washington, DC. The Office advises the White House on telecommunications and information policy issues.

She left after five years to join the newly formed ITU Telecommunications Development Division as a policy analyst. This department creates policies, regulations, training programs and financial strategies for developing countries. She was promoted to head of the Agency’s Regulatory and Market Environment Division in 2005, where she managed programs on regulatory reform, economics and finance. She also advised the government on ICT reform and policy issues.

Three years later, Bogdan Martin was appointed Executive Director of ITU’s Strategic Planning and Membership Division, the highest position in the Secretariat. She advised then-Secretary General Hamadun Toure. In addition, she oversaw the organization’s membership, corporate communications, and public relations departments.

In 2010, Bogdan Martin helped found the United Nations Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, where he served as Executive Director and advocated for universal and affordable broadband. She contributed to the formulation of the ITU’s Youth Strategy, which aims to involve young people in the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda through programs and events. Her goal is to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the prospects of communities around the world.

Bogdan Martin organized the Equals Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age and began working with UNICEF on the Giga initiative to connect schools to the internet.

As an international gender champion, she works to break down barriers between science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is a member of the World Economic Forum 2030 Vision Her Leader group and an affiliate of Harvard Berkman Klein Her Center for the Study of Dynamics, Norms and Standards in Cyberspace. She is also a radio amateur, whose callsign is KD2JTX.

“I am deeply humbled by this recognition,” Bogdan Martin said in a news release about receiving the IEEE award. “We look forward to working closely together, cooperating and strengthening our inter-institutional partnerships.”

She received the award on May 5th at the 2023 IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit and Honors Ceremony at Hilton Atlanta.

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