Isotope Introduces Appetizing New Ballpark Foods (with Video)

Some of the new food options available at Isotope Park this season were announced Thursday. Clockwise from top right: Pig Candy, The Dentists’ Delight, The Dugout, Spicy Red Chili Ribs, Stir Fried Noodles. (Courtesy Albuquerque Isotopes)

Yes, beer (or your favorite cold drink) and hot dogs.

Maybe you’re a crackerjack fan? keep it up.

cotton candy? Sure, they still have it.

But let’s not get bored.

Ballpark fun no longer depends as much on the field as it does on the stands. Albuquerque Isotope has unveiled five new ballpark hoods his items aimed at feeling full and the tricky balancing act of wanting to come back for more. .

“We want Isotopes to be a food destination,” said Jim Griego, second-year executive chef at Isotopes Park, who works for Oak View Group. “People come to Albuquerque and say, ‘Oh, I want to go to Isotope because I know they have great ballpark food there.'”

Here’s an overview of the five new options for this season at Isotopes Park:

Dentist’s Delight

(Available on the Pecos River/Santa Fe Trail near section 116)

Yes, this dish comes with a gift of toothbrushes (seriously) from Dr. Greg LoPour, the Isotopes team dentist.

What the team describes as a “knife and fork creation” is a brisket-based selection (half-pound brisket, to be precise), but two apple fritters are used as buns.

“This whole concept for Dentist’s Delight is something I’ve always dreamed of,” said Griego. “I like to match the flavors. We’re in the ballpark. We need to have some fun here. This is made of apple fritters — the buns are apple fritters.”

The dish includes a half pound of yin au ju and is topped with caramel aioli. Tangy green apple coleslaw is layered between two apple fritters and topped with caramel popcorn.

And yes, it comes with a free toothbrush, but it ends when supplies last.

pork candy

(Available at Batter’s Up near Section 108)

As Isotope describes it, “We’re taking chicharron to an incredible new level. Fried pork ends… candied in maple syrup… dusted with red chili flakes… And to get people more excited, gobble up this dandy in an Isotope memorabilia helmet and your taste buds will stand on end.”


(Available at Batter’s Up near Section 108)

There are also new options for vegetarians.

The dugout is served on a warm flatbread of freshly baked falafel and fries mixed with grilled chicken (or extra falafel for those who don’t want meat).

Sandwiches are served with green chile tzatziki sauce.

stir-fried noodle cart

(Available at The Grill near Section 119)

It’s not exactly new ballpark food in some parts of the country, but it’s located in Isotopes Park and comes in an Isotopes/Orbi branded delivery box.

A new cart in the concourse will have chefs cooking noodles and stir-fries in front of fans as they are ordered.

Isotope describes it as “fried noodles stuffed with your favorite savory beef, yakitori or tofu and heaps of fresh seasonal vegetables blended in front of a fan and tossed with classic yakisoba sauce.”

spicy red chili ribs

(Available at Batter’s Up near Section 108)

Grigo says red chili ribs are a New Mexico staple and he wants to serve fans this year. and sprinkled with red chilli flakes.

“We still wanted to keep the New Mexico tradition of using chili and things like that,” Griego explained of this year’s selection of new ingredients. “But I (also) wanted to bring some new types of flavors here.

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