Is General Hospital’s Luke Spencer Really Dead or Alive?

The real question is whether his, and Tony Geary’s, portrayals will actually return.

From the beginning, we were skeptical. Back in January of last year, general HospitalTracy returns to Port Charles to inform her that Luke Spencer has died. As if it wasn’t hard for her longtime fans to hear it, she said the legendary anti-hero, who more than once saved the world, wasn’t trying to outmaneuver evil while riding a cable car. announced that he died in

It was so ridiculously adversarial that it proved impossible to process the news. Luke? death? Like pedestrians?

Luke's Family and Friends Gather at Memorial Haunted Star General Hospital

Luke’s loved ones, and even less loved ones, have gathered to say goodbye.

Credit: ABC

Of course, there was more to the story. And this was Luke, involving the Cassadine clan in general and Mikkos’ brother Victor in particular.

A memorial service was eventually held, but of course the body was never found and one had to wonder if Luke was still alive. We envisioned this to be a huge narrative kick, possibly with several world-hopping and including some familiar faces from the past, and he’s one of daytime’s most iconic characters. A final story built around the death of one of the . (Second, perhaps All My Childrenof Erica Kane. )

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But a year later, the story hasn’t really materialized. Sure, there was mention of finding out how Luke actually died and bringing his killer to justice. Heck, it was only this week that Luke’s beloved sister, Bobby, finally confronted Victor and accused him of being responsible for his brother’s death.

While watching this week’s episode, the supposedly presumed dead Lucy and the fake dead Valentin were found by locals who did not react at all to their resurrection.Thinking Luke is dead In fact, the fact that his supposed demise is still being talked about a year later suggests the exact opposite.

please think about it. The truly dead characters (everyone who died after Luke), such as Brit, Brand, and Rory, are barely mentioned. And while Luke isn’t given the epic send-off we’d hoped for, it most likely indicates that we never really came to terms with his death. is.

Tracy Luke Anthony Geary, Jane Elliott

Will we never hear Luke call Tracy “spunky buns” again?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Meanwhile, as the show prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary, it was recently revealed that Jane Elliot’s Tracy and Emma Sams’ Holly, who share a romantic history with Luke, will be returning soon. a better way to commemorate general Hospital More than a big, flashy story built around Luke, it finally answers the question of whether he really died in the cable car explosion or if he’s still somewhere…

Relive and tell us all about Luke’s adventures and romances in the gallery below.

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