Iowa Attorney General Lets Flocks of Legal Birds Fly

While the GOP’s dismal and pernicious achievements have captured our attention, newly-elected Republican Attorney General Brenna Byrd has been very busy.

She launched a campaign to confront Biden administration officials in a famous TV ad, promising to “give them birds.” We have already seen a flock of Bird birds.

For example, Mr. Byrd, along with 21 other attorneys general, filed a friend of the court memorandum challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. A federal judge in Amarillo, Texas, who previously ruled against abortion, temporarily blocked approval of the drug, which was found to be “safe and effective” 23 years ago. But a federal judge in Washington has ordered the FDA not to take action to limit the drug’s availability.

All will probably go to the U.S. Supreme Court, where reproductive rights will disappear. Perhaps Bird will get a front row seat.

Abortion, including the use of drugs to terminate a pregnancy, remains legal in Iowa. Byrd is one of the state Republican leaders determined to change that. She’s not wasting her time.

Byrd also signed a letter signed by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Alabama warning CVS and Walgreens of possible legal action if pharmacies mail abortion pills. rice field.

How far will the bard go? Byrd announced a month ago that he was suspending state payments from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, which compensates rape victims for the cost of emergency contraceptives and, in rare cases, abortions. Byrd said little about how long the audit would take. Eternal is a good guess.

Byrd told Iowa News Now last week, “No update as of yet. Our firm is suspending payments and refunds to abortion providers and Plan B providers. It’s done. We will announce the results as soon as possible,” he said.

According to Iowa Public Radio News in April, there were 67 pending claims for emergency contraception, plus a $730 claim from a sexual assault victim who had an abortion, for a total of $2,600. reached the dollar. Yet audits continue. This must be the most scrutinized $3,000 in state history.

Mr. Byrd took a stand on the abortion debate, serving as chief of staff to former US Congressman Steve King, who opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

“What if we went all the way through the family tree and picked out only those people who were the product of rape and incest? If we did that, would there be any population left in the world?” King said in 2019.

“When you think about all the wars, all the rapes and lootings that happened, and what happened to the culture of society that followed? added.

Now the bards are looting the reproductive rights. Somewhere Steve King is laughing.

A majority of Iowans believe that abortion should be legal. But this is what they voted to remove longtime Attorney General Tom Miller. But in late March, a Des Moines Register Iowa poll showed that 44 percent of Iowans don’t know enough about Byrd to appreciate his work.

Please wake up, folks.

Byrd also joins 23 Republican Attorneys General trying to overthrow the Biden administration’s control of Waters of America. WOTUS seeks to identify what wetlands and bodies of water are subject to protection under the Clean Water Act. In April, a federal judge in North Dakota granted a temporary injunction blocking the new rule. It was a big day for Sewage.

Byrd claims the new rule will regulate 97 percent of Iowa’s land, echoing a familiar lie conceived by the Iowa Department of Agriculture. Truth be told, the fight over WOTUS is actually aimed at protecting the many wetlands around the country that affect the water quality of neighboring streams, rivers and lakes. The Clean Water Act exempts most agriculture, leaving regulation to the states.

Iowa did a great job.

Filtration of pollutants in wetlands does not bring significant benefits to anyone. So it’s much smarter to drain them to make way for housing developments and shopping mall construction. And our Attorney General is also participating. Maybe they’ll let her drive a bulldozer.

And, of course, Byrd dives into immigration policy, challenging the Biden administration’s policy of granting temporary parole to immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela if they meet certain conditions and have a private sponsor. has been added to the list of A federal judge in Florida, USA, has stopped the practice, but proponents say the practice has been legal under immigration law for decades.

This policy was introduced to relieve pressure on border protection facilities, drastically reducing the chances of encounters with people from these countries at the border. But any policy that allows immigration to the United States must be demonized for political gain. I’m scared of brown people.

We have yet to hear of Byrd’s plans to crack down on farming, meat processing plants and other businesses that employ illegal workers. I think it will arrive as soon as the audit is over.

Byrd has also given the state a voice in lawsuits against university debt forgiveness, gas stove wars, and cybersecurity rules that mandate greater security for small-town water systems.

Again, this is what Iowans voted for. States with dirty water oppose clean water rules. Labor-starved states don’t want immigrants. Gas stove, that’s what I’m worried about.

Brings back memories. In 2019, Republican lawmakers who accused Miller of spending too much time suing the Trump administration voted to strip him of his ability to participate in out-of-state lawsuits.

“He and he alone must decide whether he serves the people of Iowa or the Democratic base,” Republican Stormlake Rep. Gary Worthan said in a House debate.

Byrd now serves the Republican Party base to the detriment of many Iowans. Not only has her Congress gone silent, but she has given her a $1.25 million budget increase, greatly expanding her powers.

But again, this is what you voted for, Iowa.

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