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LMH Health OrthoKansas and The University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to Launch Kansas Sports Medicine, a Unique Health Care Program Providing Superior Sports Medicine Care to Athletes of All Ages and Skill Levels in the Lawrence Community We are proud to announce our collaboration with under.

This partnership is the result of a strategic clinical relationship between LMH Health and The University of Kansas Health System. With the expertise of LMH Health OrthoKansas and the sports medicine physicians of The University of Kansas Health System’s orthopedic and sports medicine programs, Kansas Sports Medicine provides patients and consumers in the region with a strategic competitive advantage and more robust service can be established.

Kansas Sports Medicine physicians include:

  • Douglas Stahl, M.D.
  • Stephen Pro, MD
  • Jeff Randall, M.D.
  • Eric Henkelmann, M.D.
  • Luis Salazar, M.D.
  • Emily Heronemus, DO

Douglass Stull, M.D., Ph.D., Orthopedic Surgeon at LMH Health OrthoKansas, said: “Like many of my medical colleagues who are lifelong athletes who have trained and competed at a high level, we are committed to maximizing quality outcomes in regional centers dedicated to sports medicine health. It is working.”

Kansas Sports Medicine provides comprehensive, sports-specific therapies and treatments for athletes of all ages and skill levels, from middle school and high school athletes to adult weekend warriors and masters athletes. Doctors, surgeons, therapists and other clinicians are focused on helping all athletes return to pre-injury performance levels as safely and quickly as possible.

said Jeff Randall, M.D., chief orthopedic surgeon at Kansas Team Health and an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Kansas Health System. “We have partnered with his LMH Health for his four years to care for his more than 500 He KU athletes competing in 16 Division I sports. Available to athletes of all ages in our community through Kansas Sports Medicine.”

Most interviews with Kansas Sports Medicine staff will take place at LMH Health West Campus. However, KU students, staff, and faculty may seek orthopedic evaluation and treatment at Watkins Memorial Health Center.

“The journey that LMH Health and OrthoKansas have embarked on to become a local presence in high-quality, outcome-based sports medicine care has led us to this enhanced relationship with the University of Kansas Health System. LMH Health.”This collaboration will allow us to continue to provide specialized orthopedic care focused on the special needs and training requirements of competitive athletes of all ages and experience levels.”

LMH Health OrthoKansas and The University of Kansas Health System have partnered as Kansas Team Health since 2019 to provide the highest quality care for University of Kansas student-athletes.

said Bob Page, president and CEO of the University of Kansas Health System. “Kansas Sports Medicine brings together a group of sports medicine professionals and is backed by the best academic health system in the country. A dream team has emerged in the communities of Lawrence and Douglas counties, focused on the special needs of

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