Introducing Los Angeles General, the New Name for LAC+USC Medical Center

LAC+USC Hospital will be rebranded as Los Angeles General Hospital on May 3, 2023. (LA General Hospital)

Los Angeles County’s largest and busiest hospital is getting a new name and identity.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center officially announced a new name and brand: Los Angeles General Medical Center.

The hospital made the official announcement Wednesday with special guest speakers including Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and county supervisor Hilda Solis, hospital administrators and county public health officials.

The new name and brand reflect the hospital’s “active and purposeful commitment to strengthening trust between the medical center and the Los Angeles community,” officials said.

The historic medical center is located in Boyle Heights, east of downtown LA, and has been present in the community in one form or another since 1878.

It is the largest hospital in Los Angeles County and the largest public hospital in West Texas, serving nearly one million patients each year.

Its County+USC moniker comes from its partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the University of Southern California. At the University of Southern California, thousands of doctors are trained by Keck College of Medicine residents.

But the old name has caused confusion over the years. USC’s Keck Hospital is about a mile away, as are other his LA-area hospitals with similar names. Focus groups and research have revealed that previous names are of little importance to people in the community and even those receiving institutional care.

Located in a district with a major hospital, Solis hopes the new name will clear up confusion and give the historic hospital an identity that means something to its residents.

“Over the years, we’ve heard from residents and stakeholders that they want a name that tells the history of the campus, resonates with residents, and is easily understood in Spanish and other languages,” Solis said. said. “Los Angeles General Medical Center moves to the next step in expanding world-class care by creating a continuum of supportive housing and comprehensive care. It leads us into a very bright future, recognizing the

Along with the new name, the facility also has a new motto. healthy community. ”

New branding for Los Angeles General Hospital.

Officials say the motto reflects the hospital’s mission to build healthy communities by being a trusted provider to those in need. Easy to translate.

Los Angeles General continues its partnership with USC and Keck Hospital. The partnership says it is responsible for mentoring and educating the “next generation of doctors.”

The medical center has over 600 beds, a Level 1 trauma center, one of three burn units in the county, one of the nation’s oldest HIV clinics, a U.S. Navy training facility, and a prestigious teaching hospital. .

“Los Angeles General Medical Center is the flagship hospital of Los Angeles County, and to that end, we are thrilled to see our community take ownership of its new name and brand,” Solis said. I got

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