International travel for plastic surgery is becoming more common

Deciding to have plastic surgery abroad is a big decision, and even deciding to have plastic surgery in your own country should be carefully considered. No plastic surgery is risk-free, regardless of where the surgery is performed. For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, liposuction, the most popular procedure as of 2022 (according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), is associated with infections, fat embolisms (a life-threatening medical emergency), and severe kidney and heart disease. can cause complications of Another prevalent procedure, BBL, is the most dangerous in the world since a 2017 report published in the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery noted that 3% of respondents experienced a patient fatality during the procedure. gained the status of a prominent plastic surgery.

Things get even more dangerous when it comes to traveling abroad. For example, a foreign surgeon may offer an operation that is prohibited or rarely performed in your home country due to health risks. Advertisements promoting these and other surgeries are usually cheap and generally ignore the real dangers patients may face. In general, you should be wary of medical procedures that are more expensive than safe.

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