Instagram fans think Selena Gomez may have had ‘fox eye’ surgery

it’s not a secret Selena Gomez In recent years, she’s been open about how her battle with lupus has affected her appearance and led her to change her skincare routine. Analyzing and arguing about whether it is 30 years old. Only Murders in Buildings The actress recently underwent trendy “fox eye” surgery (many have linked the surgery to Bella Hadid on TikTok).

Others have stressed that the new makeup style and effects of lupus could lead to a slightly different and more sculptural look for the rare beauty mogul, but many are still divided. It all started in the comments section of this week’s new post on popular Instagram account @plasticne (fans often compare photos of celebrities that may have been put under the knife).

Did Selena Gomez get fox eye surgery? Some fans think so

On May 3, the account @plasticne posted a comparison shot of Gomez from 2016 and a more contemporary photo from the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet. While she looks undeniably gorgeous in both images, some fans said in the comments section that they thought she looked like she had “fox eye surgery” over the past seven years. Others emphasized that they “didn’t think she accomplished anything”, and that the photo itself was photoshopped, making the comparison inaccurate in the first place.

“No plastic here,” wrote one fan, adding, “We see age, weight gain and steroid side effects. None of this is to be hated or spoken about! Be human! A very natural and real part of the whole thing!” Someone else commented, “I love how people are still trying to tear beautiful women apart,” while another post creator said, “Natural “Normalize aging” and don’t believe Gomez has undergone plastic surgery.

Selena Gomez shows off her natural beauty on Instagram

Within the past few months, Gomez has showcased her natural beauty in several no-makeup shots for her 414 million Instagram followers. On March 13, the “Lose You To Love Me” hitmaker shared a gorgeous bare-faced selfie post, stunned by her glowing, all-natural, glowing skin.of Wizard of Waverly Place Alum posed in front of a window, the sun’s rays accentuating her dewy skin and wavy, lustrous brunette hair.

The “My Mind & Me” singer uploaded two photos of herself in a sunny setting with the caption, “Violet Chemistry.” As her fans know, this refers to her friend Miley Cyrus’ song of the same name from her new record. endless summer vacationThis post follows a series of nature photos Gomez has blessed fan feeds with, and fans (and us) can never get enough!

Not surprisingly, Gomez’s post received millions of likes and thousands of comments from fans hyping up her natural beauty and her support for her former Disney Channel co-star Cyrus. “Effortlessly gorgeous,” wrote one fan, while another wrote, “Always so beautiful Selena!” Someone else sang “Miley’s Amazing Song,” while others shared their (and our) thoughts on Gomez’s post with heart-eyes, red hearts, and fire emojis.

Another thing that many of Gomez’ followers pointed out in her comment section is that the “Lose You To Love Me” hitmaker recently became the first woman to reach 400 million followers on IG. ! commented, “400M GIRL YOU DESERVE IT,” to which another user replied, “Congratulations on 400 million!”

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