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ABU DHABI, May 12, 2023 (Globe Newswire) — Insilico Medicine, a generative artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery company, announced that its founder and CEO, Dr. He announced that he will attend the PEGS Boston Summit starting May 12. From May 15th to 19th. He will deliver a keynote on “The State of Science in Disease Modeling Across Diverse Indications” May 15 at 11:00 a.m. at the Hynes Convention Center and participate in an interactive discussion on May 15 at 12:45 p.m. .

In his presentation, Dr. Zaboronkov will unveil for the first time peptide-based drug discovery strategies and Generative Biologics, a new engine belonging to the company’s end-to-end AI-driven drug discovery platform, Pharma.AI, leveraging hundreds of millions of data. . He utilizes biological data points, machine learning algorithms and generative biology models to build and design polypeptides from scratch.

A team of expert scientists is developing Pharma.AI at the Insilico Medicine Generative Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing R&D Center in Abu Dhabi, the largest AI-powered biotechnology research center in the region.

“We are at an exciting moment in the history of generative AI in drug discovery,” said Zhavoronkov. “Thanks to years of accumulated data and technological advances in generative AI, our close partnerships with pharmaceutical companies have enabled us to find targets in difficult-to-treat diseases and find new ones with incredible speed and efficiency. Small molecules can be designed, and we look forward to using generative AI to explore diverse drug development strategies.”

Insilico Medicine was one of the first companies to use generative adversarial autoencoders for de novo drug discovery. In 2016, we published the earliest version of our generative biology tool for identifying novel targets in Nature Communications. Another publication subsequently appeared in his Oncotarget, demonstrating how Insilico uses generative algorithms with reinforcement learning to design novel small molecules with predefined and optimized properties. bottom. By 2018, Insilico had integrated generative biology and chemistry approaches into his Pharma.AI platform on the market, accelerating the lead discovery process from years to days and now among the top 20 pharma companies. Used by 11 companies.

The company is also leveraging this platform to develop two drugs currently in clinical trials for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and COVID-19, as well as a number of potentially best-in-class and first-in-class drugs in preclinical stages. We are developing our own robust asset pipeline, including assets. A development stage that can be licensed. Insilico has a total of 31 programs across 29 targets including fibrosis, oncology, immunology and central nervous system disorders.

Zaboronkov said PEGS, the world’s largest gathering of protein engineering and biotherapeutic experts, is the perfect environment to present the latest developments of the in silico platform. “We contributed to the early development of generative biology and generative chemistry, and now he’s moving an AI-designed drug into clinical trials. It’s just a pivotal moment.”

About in silico medicine

Insilico Medicine, a clinical-stage generative artificial intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery company, uses next-generation AI systems to connect biology, chemistry, and clinical trial analytics. The company has developed an AI platform that utilizes deep generative models, reinforcement learning, transformers and other modern machine learning techniques to discover new targets and generate new molecular structures with desirable properties. Insilico Medicine develops breakthrough solutions for the discovery and development of innovative medicines for cancer, fibrosis, immunology, central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases and age-related diseases. In early 2023, we opened the Insilico Medicine Generated Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing R&D Center in Abu Dhabi, the largest AI-powered biotechnology research center in the region. The R&D hub will bring together global talent in artificial intelligence and software development to expand the capabilities of Pharma.AI, Insilico’s end-to-end AI-driven drug discovery platform, to advance aging research and sustainable chemistry. to support the digital transformation of healthcare. region.

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  • Dr. Alex Zaboronkov speaks at PEGS


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