Inside one of NJ’s most unique food halls where you can order from 8 restaurants at once

What’s your best advice for visiting the state’s most unique food hall?

Ignore the sound of the hatchet hitting the wall.

Dan Goldberg, owner of FoodieHall in Cherry Hill, doesn’t mind the sound at all. A regular at Berry the Hatchet next door is good business for his unique food specialty store.

FoodieHall is described as a “virtual culinary hall,” but it can be a 4,200-square-foot kitchen, dozens of staff preparing meals for pickup and delivery, or a 120-foot space that was finally used for washing machines. There is nothing virtual about conveyor belts. Business that serves casinos in Atlantic City.

You will soon reach the conveyor belt.

Food courts are an integral part of the Jersey Mall experience, but many of the same restaurants can be found in multiple malls. The difference with FoodHall is that eight restaurants are under his one roof and use one kitchen. He can order 4 items from 1 restaurant, 2 items from 5 restaurants, or any combination of dishes from any number of restaurants, all of which he can combine into one order. Be it pickup or delivery (the latter via his DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Grubhub). There are no tables in the front lobby yet, but Goldberg hopes to add 20 more seats in the near future.

Seven of our eight restaurants are created in-house. Geno’s Steaks is the only established brand. Seven are Canting Wok and Noodle Bar (Asia). DaNick’s Craft Burgers; Chris Crust (Pizza): Dando Tacos; Simply Poultry (Chicken Sandwich); Mac N Toastie (Grilled Cheese); Each has its own grill or oven to cook.

Sylva Senat, Executive Chef, FoodieHall (Peter Genovese I NJ Advance Media for

One concept similar to New Jersey’s FoodieHall is International Bites in Ocean Township. Here are his three restaurants under one roof, a common kitchen and seating (a fourth restaurant will open in his early April, according to staff). Outside of New Jersey, ClusterTruck offers delivery-only food from his 13 restaurants in the Indianapolis area.

At FoodieHall, completed orders are placed on its conveyor belt and moved to the checkout counter. Items that need to be kept warm are placed on heated shelves. Anything you want to keep cold (salads, etc.) should be stored in the refrigerator.

Former co-CEO of Atlantic City Linen Supply, Goldberg found that the conveyor belts used to move laundry in that business were perfect for moving food in his new business. bottom. He and Nick Ballias, owner of his Wingcraft Kitchen & Beer Bar in Atlantic City, officially opened his Foodie Hall in February 2022.

Customers ended up at FoodieHall despite its unlikely location in an industrial park instead of on nearby Route 70. We receive about 200 orders every day. Twenty-five percent of that number are direct customers who order in person rather than online.

The executive chef is Silva Sena, who has worked at private clubs and restaurants such as Philadelphia’s Maison 208, and has appeared on ‘Chopped’ and ‘Top Chef’. His favorite dish at FoodieHall? Pork belly buns at Canting Wok & Noodle Bar. Goldberg cites two of his mains, Milano his cheesesteak at Geno’s Steak and Pork Roe at Cantingwock.

Sichuan Chicken, Canting Wok & Noodle Bar (Peter Genovese I NJ Advance Media for

I have tried at least one item in every restaurant on my two visits.

Canting Wok & Noodle Bar: Pork belly bun. You can never have enough pork belly in your stomach. These were fine. I expected better. Also tried the Szechuan chicken.

Chris Crust: Detroit-style pizza is slowly gaining popularity in New Jersey.

dando tacos: Chicken tacos. Nothing special about the tacos except for the outstanding salsa roja. The side of bland southern coleslaw could have used more southern, or seasoning or something.

Danick’s Craft Burger: Danick Berger. Pat LaFrida Blend Patties, melted Cooper Sharp Cheese and house-made pickles join the hearty handful.

Fornile Italian Kitchen: Sauce Meatballs (a blend of beef, pork, and veal) didn’t make it to NJ’s 25 Best Meatballs list, but it does. The pomodoro (pasta selection, I went with the rigatoni) was one of his surprises here, cooked firm and al dente in a saucy little sauce.

Geno’s Steak: Geno’s is an icon of Philadelphia cheesesteaks, featuring sliced ​​steak instead of chopped steak, but I can name at least 10 better cheesesteaks.

Mac and Toasty: Original cheese from Cooper, Cheddar and Gruyère. Perfectly fine and full of cheese.

simply poultry: Original Jersey Crispy Chicken Sandwich: Crunchy fried chicken, dill pickles and our house creamy buttermilk garlic sauce will whet your appetite.

All dressings, salsas and desserts are homemade. There are also 4 types of homemade soup that change daily.

The restaurant line-up will soon expand to 10, with the addition of Margate’s Junior’s Donuts, and possibly a seafood or Mediterranean restaurant.

Will there be more FoodieHalls? You bet. Goldberg is looking for four or five possible locations. The next FoodieHall could open in Central Jersey by the end of this year.

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