Influencer undergoes invasive ‘cat-eye’ surgery that leaves his face ‘deformed’

One influencer tried to make it look like she had “cat eyes,” but people claim she looks “suffering from allergies.”

Nasrin Corfield-Smith, who runs an aesthetic clinic in London, underwent radical surgery to tighten the skin around her eyes, making them look more lifted.

But when the doctor shared footage of Nasrin’s post-surgery on social media, people were stunned and many called for Nasrin’s dismissal.

The Mirror newspaper reported that in a video published on TikTok, Turkish doctor Dr. Hakan Ozoczak described Nasrin’s facial modifications.

“This procedure is called a cat’s eye, and it’s a procedure that raises the corners of the eyes and lifts the cheeks to lift the center of the face and cheeks,” Dr. Ozocak said.

He also mentioned why some people choose to have drastic surgery, including eyebrows and drooping eyes, from an early age.

This can make people look tired and sleepy, and doctors believe surgery is needed to correct this.

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