‘I was careless’: Thousands of medical papers dumped near busy interstate

SAN ANTONIO — A pile of discarded personal papers was found near a busy interstate.

On Friday, a concerned KENS 5 viewer alerted us to the situation on the southeast side of the 410 loop.

“I was driving home (on Thursday) and happened to look over the railing,” the driver said. The driver avoided publicity.

The woman said she found some boxes and returned the next day.

“Then it turned out to be people’s documents,” she said.

The documents included names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and medical records. The pile also included employee payment statements, COVID-19 tests, documents related to Child Protective Services (CPS), and police investigations into reports of sexual abuse of nursing home residents.

“Nobody’s papers should be exposed like this,” the woman said. “This is especially true in today’s age where identity theft is rampant.”

The document appears to be related to a nursing rehabilitation center in San Antonio.

“First of all, I was shocked,” said Callie Jones.

One of the files contained Ms. Jones’ contact information, so KENS 5 called Ms. Jones.

She said her late mother spent a week at the nursing home seven years ago.

“When you fill out forms at nursing homes and medical offices, they ask for your date of birth and Social Security number,” Jones said. “So that’s enough for anyone to use her information to create a different life.”

Ms Jones is unhappy with nursing and rehabilitation centers.

“Even if they were doing the right thing and fell off the track, it was still carelessness on their part. There has to be a better way,” Jones said.

KENS 5 contacted the San Antonio Solid Waste Management Authority and workers quickly cleared the mess.

We also consulted nursing homes. The manager repeated “no comment” on the phone. When she asked for a referral to someone who could answer our questions, she said to call again on Monday.

KENS 5 has also contacted the Texas Department of Health.

stay with us for updates.

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